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Currently residing in the Chicagoland area, Tiffany Marie Gabriel first got her start in fashion at a young age. Her introduction to the industry started at age three when she began her modeling career. While attending college for Journalism, Hospitality & Tourism Management, and Psychology, she launched Humps & Pumps with the drive to write about her lifestyle—including fashion, beauty, and travel. Tiffany has also continued to expand her modeling career and has worked for several major brands. Sometimes her modeling career takes precedence over her writing, so if you see a leave of absence on the blog, it's most likely due to a shift of focus to her modeling.​..but she always comes back!

In addition to being an internationally published model and making appearances on sites like Maxim, Tiffany has also had her writing published on sites such as Elite Daily and Thought Catalog.

With her experience as an Image Coach for a major corporation, certified makeup artist, reporter, and freelance model (just to name a few!), she shares her first-hand and researched knowledge of all topics covered in her posts.

On Humps & Pumps, readers can expect a brand new post filled with trend-conscious information laid out in an easy-to-read, and oftentimes humorous, format.


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