16 Reasons Why Kate Spade is the Best

Every now and then, I get totally and completely obsessed about something (tulips, macaroons, kittens—you get the idea). But for the past year, I have been absolutely fangirling over Kate Spade…with good reason of course. Here are 17 reasons why Kate Spade absolutely slays the fashion world for me right now.

1. Polka dots

If you’re like me, every time you see polka dots or hear the words, you automatically think: Harvard won’t be impressed that you aced History of Polka Dots.

(That’s Legally Blonde reference for those of you who are completely lost.)

Regardless, Kate Spade absolutely rocks polka dots. From notebooks to socks, you can take my word for it that Kate Spade makes it totally adorable. Sometimes polka dots can reach a point where they’re annoying, but not when they’re done by Kate Spade.

2. Everything looks so happy

Kate Spade tends to pair up these bright, enthusiastic colors with crisp whites and I just can’t get enough of it. Talk about the master of “a pop of color.”

3. The stationary

Everything is affordable and adorable. Bow paperclips and clever quotes on highlighters? I will find a reason to use all of it.

4. Kate Spade is a Capricorn

Capricorns tend to be ambitious, patient, and wise. They make decisions well and are very logical about what they do. No matter we love her work, it’s well thought out and practical, like her!

5. Kate Spade cares about the environment

Energy conservation, construction sustainability practices, recycling, and water conservation are just a few of the environmental initiatives Kate Spade practices.

Read more about them here.

6. The patterns are so chic

From bold black and white strips to big floral prints, Kate Spade takes our favorite patterns from childhood and presents them to us in a new trendy, but chic way.

7. Kate Spade majored in Journalism

Yep, Kate Spade enrolled at Arizona State University and majored in journalism. Writers have sisterly bonds—or something like that.

8. She wrote books

Have you ever heard of Manners, Occasions, or Style? They’re not just things you should already know, they’re the names of her books!

9. The home décor

I don’t even get mail often, but I’m still tempted to buy the $60 mail tray.

10. She did business with her husband

Who doesn’t love a power couple?

11. Kate Spade New York has a blog

…and it is to die for. You can find pretty much everything on there; how to’s, city guides, and more!

12. The bridal items

Nothing gives me bridal-fever like Kate Spade’s bridal items. Cute clutches that have sayings like “An Ideal Husband” and silk squares for your boo will have you wishing that you were about to say “I Do.”

(Don’t roll your eyes at me. I love a little rhyming every now and then!)

13. Kate Spade cares about animals

The brand uses some vegan-friendly materials, like the vegan leather some of the phone cases are made of!

14. Kate Spade supports human rights groups

Need proof? On their website, it states:

“In 1994, we were among the first to commit to a corporate code of conduct, a formal, written set of minimum standards all contractors doing business with Kate Spade & Company (then Liz Claiborne, Inc.) must uphold. In 1996, we began working closely with industry leaders, labor and human rights groups and the Clinton Administration to develop a more comprehensive approach to improving global working conditions.”

15. Everything has cute quotes

Literally, everything.

16. Kate Spade helps communities

Have you ever heard of “On Purpose”? Well, that’s their concept that is helping 150 women in Rwanda become a supplier to Kate Spade brands and make their economy become constant and renovate their community in a positive way. Click here to learn more about it.

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