4 Reasons Why Lip Liner is Oh-So-Critical

Lip liner is one of the most transforming makeup products you can use. Unfortunately, many women—and some men—tend to skip lip liner when doing their makeup. I understand that sometimes we are running late when we are putting on our makeup, if we even have any time to put some on. However, if you have a few seconds to put some on, you should definitely do it. Here are 4 reasons why.

1. You can make your lipstick and gloss stay on longer.

Lip liners give your lip products something to hold on to. By giving your lip products a base, you won’t have to do so many touch-ups in a day. When applying lip liner, I like to just line my lips and blend, or line and fill them in. The more bold the color, the better it is to fill it in.

Before you dismiss using lip liner and say that you want more of a natural look, remember that there are things such as clear liners. Personally, I love using the Sephora Collection Universal Lip Liner. It’s actually water-proof, so it helps lip products say on even longer. This is my go-to liner when I don’t have one that matches a lip stick I have, or when I’m wearing a gloss.

2. It makes your face look more polished.

Just like filling in eyebrows, your lips can shape your face. It took me a long time to cave in to filling in my brows, but once I realized the difference it made, it’s something I started fitting into my daily routine. I think you might find the same with lip liner. You can use lip liner to keep your lip product from feathering, make your lips appear more matte if worn alone, and really highlight your mouth. I learned in one of my many psychology classes that we’re drawn to symmetry, so why not take a few seconds to fix that little part of your lip that’s a little smaller than the other side to make your lips look more even?

3. It lets you change your appearance.

In addition to making your lip products stay on longer and make you look more polished, lip liner can allow you to change how your lips look all together—remember, Kylie Jenner? I still don’t know if she got lip injections or not, and it doesn’t matter to me (I’m pro plastic surgery), but for a while she was overdrawing her lips—and she was great at it! Kylie is a perfect example of how you can use liner to completely change your lips.

If you have big lips, I don’t recommend overdrawing your lips. I did it once just to see how it would look. It looked so bad on me. It was totally ridiculous. But if you have thinner lips and you learn how to correctly overdraw your lips, it can give you a really sexy pout. Be careful to blend, blend, and blend! The 90’s trend of boldly outlining lips is out. Matching your liner to your lipstick is in.

4. It lets you fight the look of aging.

As we get old, the outer corners of our mouths tend to turn down. It’s something that happens to everyone—look at celebrity pictures over time and you’ll see it too. To make the corners appear less turned down, you can use a light colored liner to highlight the outer corners and conceal some spots. While you do this, take that same color and highlight your cupid’s bow to draw attention to the center of your upper lips, instead of the corners. Take a darker lip liner and trace along your bottom lip to make it look fuller and keep the attention, once again, away from those outer corners.

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