6 Uses For Hairspray That You've Never Thought Of

Hairspray seems like a staple item for most women. I mean, how else are you going to get those curls to stay put? But hairspray actually does a lot more than miracles for your hair. It has a lot of magical uses that are completely overlooked.

At this point, any guys that are reading this will probably stop. If you’re a guy and you haven’t stopped reading yet—first, thank you, and second, keep reading because some of these uses are for you too. Your lady probably won’t notice if you steal a couple of sprays from her bottle. I’ll go ahead and list some of the uses for you guys first.

Get that ink of out your shirt!

Remember that one time you were writing with that super smooth pen that makes your hand writing look amazing—then you realized your shirt sleeve had smudged all of the writing? I’m guessing the left-handed readers probably have this issue the most. No fear, hairspray is here! Just spray the ink-stained area with hairspray—I like to saturate it—let it soak in for about five minutes, and throw it in the wash (hot water works best)!

Erase permanent marker from (almost) everything!

Yes, you read that right—that permanent marker is suddenly not-so-permanent once you bring in the hairspray. Whether the permanent marker is on a mirror, glass mug, wood, plastic, or cabinet, it’s going to come right off. What do you do? Soak the area in hairspray, and wipe it off using a clean rag and a little elbow grease. Watch out for materials with glossy finishes on them—don’t let the hairspray sit for too long, use a little bit at a time!

Make sewing easier!

If you’ve ever tried to sew before, you know how frustrating it is when you can get that stupid little thread through the loop of the needle. Solution: spray the end of the thread with a bit of hairspray, blow on it about four times, and stick it through the loop of the needle. Ta-da!

Okay men, those are your three magic uses of hairspray, but feel free to keep reading, there’s only a couple left!

Quit losing all your bobby pins!

Have you ever taken bobby pins out of your hair at the end of the day and sworn you thought you put in more? Well, you probably did, but they must have slid out! Get those little guys to hang in there by giving your bobby pins a quick spritz and then sliding them into play. The extra stickiness from the hairspray will adhere to the bobby pin. Put the bobby pin in bumpy-side to your head for extra support.

Stop those tights from running!

There’s nothing worse than having perfect hair, flawless makeup (girl, those eyeliner wings are on point), and a run in your tights. Talk about a major buzz kill. Before you put your tights or nylons on spray them with hairspray and let them dry—or spray them and wave them back and forth crazily so they dry fast like I do. If you’re already past that point and you have a run in them, just spray the area and let it dry (or for the impatient readers: blow air on it).

Give yourself a super cute manicure!

I know what you’re thinking, “No way, I can’t do my nails with hairspray.” But you can! You can do a really cool marble-effect look. How? Paint your nails with a solid color and let them dry. Then fill a small cup up with water, drop two or three drops of a different nail color on top of the water and let it spread, and spray the nail polish that you just put in the cup. Then dip your nail into the cup, remove the extra nail polish from the surface of the water with a toothpick or cotton swab, and take your nail out. Let it dry and put some clear top coat on it. Perfect!

Next time you’re debating in the isle of the store on which hairspray to buy—the good smelling one that’s expensive vs. the generic one—just think of all the uses you’ll get from the bottle. I mean, after reading this post technically you have at least seven reasons to buy the more expensive one in the cool bottle that smells like perfection.

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