Lilly for Target: Part 2

Like every other Lilly shopper that was excited about the Target line, I decided to immerse myself into the experience. The experience was referred to as “Pink Sunday.” At first, I didn’t really understand why it was being called that—but I thought it was adorable. At 8:05 in the morning on April 19th, I found out the “Pink Sunday” was more than an adorable name.

Pink Sunday was definitely the new Black Friday for 2015.

Here is my experience during the launch of Lilly for Target:

April 18th, 11:50 PM:

I cozied up by my laptop. I had some earl grey tea in a pink mug and I was ready to go. I signed into my Target account and went to the homepage.

11:55 PM:

I browsed the Lilly look book one last time. I clicked on my three saved items just in case they were available early.


April 19th, 12:00 AM:

I refreshed the Target homepage. The Lilly collection was still not available. I made a pattern of clicking on the look book and back to the home page several times before using the search bar.

“Lilly for Target” I typed in. Nothing.

12:05 AM:

I decided to check Twitter and I searched #LillyForTarget. My heart dropped when I saw numerous Lilly lovers tweeting about how they are getting items in their cart already. I frantically go back to the Target homepage and refresh. Nothing.

Finally I click on some of the links I see on Twitter for certain items. I got skeptical. A few seconds later I see tweets that have messages telling me that the links work!

12:22 AM:

I received my first order confirmation. I ended up finding a link for a shift dress I was hoping to get. I had a gut feeling that told me to buy it when I could instead of waiting until I find all the items I want.

12:40 AM:

I was so glad I checked out when I did. I kept clicking links and adding items to my cart—but my cart kept clearing. I later found out via Twitter that this was because the site went down and other people were having the same issue. I kept reading the tweets to keep me entertained while it was down. I was disappointed because I wasn’t able to get the palazzo giraffe pants and I love giraffes. But at least I got a dress.

2:00 AM:

Target’s site was working again! Yay! I sifted through the collection and was super happy when I found the giraffe pants—and even more happy when they were available in my size! I also decided to get the white top that were shown with it since the white and gold clutch I wanted wasn’t available anymore.

2:01 AM:

I received my order confirmation for the pants and top! Yay! It was time to go to bed after that.

7:55 AM:

There I was standing in line at Target. I was surprised that there was even a line because I didn’t realize how many Lilly lovers there were in the city. It wasn’t a very long line though, which was great. It was only about half a city block long. Everyone in line was very friendly and we kept each other company while we were waiting. It made me feel like we were all girls in the same sorority.

8:05 AM:

After ascending the escalator in an orderly fashion and grabbing the Lilly items I could, I waited in line for the dressing room. I was disappointed that I wasn’t able to grab more dresses, but I was happy with the items I grabbed. I thought it was funny because while I was waiting in line, I was reading some tweets. Some people tweeted about how crazy their Target was. I laughed because everyone here was nice, friendly, and calm. No fighting or yelling.

8:10 AM:

I got out of the dressing room and didn’t know what to do. The playsuit I tried on was a little big all over, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to put it back yet. Then I realized something: I can still fit in children’s clothing. I headed over to the children’s department and had luck over there, then put the playsuit back.


I checked out and was excited about my purchases, but even more excited about the stuff coming in the mail.

Lilly for Target was a huge success. There were so many girls tweeting about how disappointed and outraged they were that they weren’t able to get anything.

But I think we all learned a valuable lesson: If you’re early, you’re on time. If you’re on time, you’re late. If you’re late, you don’t get Lilly.

Oh and we also learned that Lilly Pulitzer has enough customers to start a brand new event—Pink Sunday.

If any of you ladies (or men) grabbed some Lilly, tweet me or tag me on Instagram so I can see your favorite items that you got & let me know if your location had the pink Target bags (mine didn’t).

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