My Neighbors Should've Bought My Lemonade

The smell of lemons reminds me of when I was a little kid. I would sit outside with my sister trying to sell lemonade to my neighbors. “Lemonade,” we’d yell, “Buy some cold, yummy lemonade please!”

We’d sit out there for what would seem like eternity, but was probably just an hour or so. My mother was always our biggest customer, coming out of the house to give us some more ice, taste our lemonade, and make it seem like it was the best around. I didn’t care that all my neighbors weren’t rushing out to buy my lemonade, at least my mom was.

It turns out that my neighbors lost their chance to make themselves healthier that day, because lemons have amazing health benefits! Lemons taste great, smell fresh, and do even better things for your body!

Lemons make an awesome natural astringent. Astringents bring tissue together — in other words, they shrink your pores (which is a good thing). You can use some lemon juice to run over your face after washing it. Guys can even use it to rub on their face after shaving as well; it’s like a natural aftershave that doesn’t smell weird and overpowering.

Vitamin C is something that everyone always tells you to make sure you get enough of. It’s said to help out your immune system so you don’t get colds as often. It can help protect against diseases and deficiencies. Hmm, I wonder where you could find some vitamin C. Oh, I know! Lemons!

Lemons also neutralize the free radicals. I like to think about free radicals in relationship terms. Think of a chemical bond as a relationship. When that relationship falls apart, free radicals (aka “crazy exes”) form. Free radicals, like a dumped significant other, are unstable. The free radicals try to find the nearest stable molecule and take its electron (like an ex that tries to take all of your friends when you break up) so it can be stable again. Okay, so normally your body can handle some free radicals (just like you can sometimes handle crazy exes), but sometimes it can’t. If antioxidants aren’t available, the free radicals can cause damage, like aging and diseases. Lemons contain antioxidants which help counteract the free radicals (it’s like a rebound person for your ex).

Lemons help reduce fevers, balance pH, and relieve tooth pain as well. Lemons have also been said to help with weight loss and cleanse the body.

My tip for children trying to sell lemonade today (is that even still a thing?): sell its benefits, not its taste!

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