New Hatched: Peeps

There are a billion flavors of Peeps. Alright, not a billion, but a lot. I had Easter on my mind last night and thought of those cute marshmallow chicks.

Typically I’m not a candy person, but Peeps, rock candy, and cotton candy are the few candies I like. Hey, if I’m going to have sugar, I mine as well have it basically straight.

Anyway, on the Peeps website there’s a bunch of flavors I’ve never even seen before. I had no idea they even made Peeps in the summer. Most of the flavors are seasonal. I noticed the most during the Easter season, which makes sense because Peeps are a staple Easter basket item.

Peeps have come a long way since 1987. I wasn’t around yet back then, but after various Google research, that’s the year they were released.

The flavors are so out there: lemonade, bubblegum, chocolate-dipped caramel, gingerbread men, sugar cookie, party cake, candy cane, raspberry, strawberry cremé, chocolate mousse, and the list goes on. I’m not sure what the original yellow flavor is supposed to be though. They also have sugar-free Peeps, which sound like the best idea ever, but they’re made with sugar alcohol instead (that’s not too good for you).

There’s even different shapes too depending on the season. Christmas trees, cats (I love cats so I need these now), ghosts, pumpkins, and bunnies. I’ve seen the bunnies before—but cats?! Why didn’t I know about that sooner?

Have a good spring and go pick up some Peeps to see what new flavors you find (no, I’m not endorsing, I’m just saying that’s what I’m doing soon). Try them, love them, hate them, talk about them.

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