No-Chip Manicure, No Thank You

I love getting my nails done. I always have, always will. I remember being a sassy little two-year-old having my nails painted and trying to keep still while my mom got her nails done. Until my sophomore year of high school, I stuck to basic manicures. The acrylic phase lifestyle started mid-high school and still continues on today. Of course I would go back and forth between acrylic and my natural nails, but there is something about having long, (artificially) strong nails that makes a girl feel beautiful.

When the no-chip manicures first came out, I decided to give it a shot. The first time getting it done was a disaster—no one I went to was really properly trained on it yet because of how new it was. The first few times I got it done, I didn’t like it. It was thick and felt kind of heavy to me. I was always disappointed because although the manicure didn’t really “chip” per-se, it did peel. I would go about three days before the edges would lift and a corner would peel off.

For a few years, I stopped getting the no-chip manicures. But a few weeks ago, I decided to give it another shot. To make things fair, I even made an appointment with a girl in the salon who did no-chip manicures most often.

I spent my usual ten minutes deciding which color to pick (it’s always this big decision for me) before settling on a light silver sparkle color. Although the nail salon had a wide variety (including every CND Shellac color), I was still a little disappointed in the narrow selection of glitter polishes—I wanted something fun and sparkly for vacation.

Throughout the whole process of putting a coat on, putting it under the light, putting another coat on, putting it under the light again, and so on, I felt myself getting antsy like a child. This process was taking forever. Finally, the nail technician was done with my no-chip manicure.

The Pros

  • Very shiny.

  • Lasted longer than a typical manicure.

  • Non-streaky.

  • My natural nails did not feel as brittle when removing the no-chip polish.

  • Does not smudge.

  • No additional drying time is necessary.

The Cons

  • Very pricy. One of the most expensive manicures at salons (generally speaking).

  • Too thick.

  • The polish felt heavy on my nails.

  • Tends to look messy.

  • Takes a very long time.

  • Can’t change the color.

  • Starts to peel off within one week.

When it comes down to it, I do not think the no-chip manicure is worth it. Honestly, if you want a nail polish that lasts longer than a typical manicure, I would just get the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish and do it yourself. I’ve used that product myself and, in my opinion, it has better results than the salon no-chip manicures. If having thickly polished nails is your thing, go for it, but if you like more of the polished, clean look, don’t get the no-chip manicure. Do whatever makes you feel most beautiful!

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