Review: Flash Tattoos

Spring break is here, which means summer is right around the corner! For the past few months, I’ve seen silver and gold tattoo-looking patches all over the skin of popular Instagrammers that look like jewelry. Immediately I found myself wondering what it was and where I can get it in time for my spring break trip to Flordia with my friends. Eventually I found out that they were called “flash tats” or “flash tattoos.”

These flash tattoos are exactly like those temporary tattoos you used to wear as a kid. You know…the ones that let you wear a butterfly on your cheek or Spiderman on your leg.

With that being said, the application of the flash tats are the same. You cut out the shape you want, peel off the plastic sheet on top, place it on your skin, and hold a wet rag on it for 30 seconds before peeling off the backing. However, applying these as a bracelet can get tricky, so try to be patient or ask a friend to help you. The time for how long these stay on for really depends. I have some that I have kept on for four days now, while I have some I took off the same day.

They are definitely waterproof too!

To answer the question you’re probably wondering, no, I did not get tan lines from these (…yet). And don’t worry, taking these off is really easy. Just apply some baby oil to your skin, let it soak in, and then wipe it away. See? So easy!

I like these way better than wearing actual jewelry at the beach or pool. You don’t have to worry about your tattoos getting hot, breaking, or falling off. The only real jewelry I did wear were a pair of stud earrings and a headband.

These tattoos are so adorable and trendy. I bought mine at Charming Charlie but you can get them online as well. I highly recommend them for spring break or summer. They just add a little something extra, especially if your bikini or swimsuit is on the plain side.

Another great thing about these is that you kind of get a lot in a package. Mind came with like 2 necklaces,10 bracelets, and some other designs as well. I can’t explain how much I love these! I don’t know if I love them because they remind me of my childhood or just because they’re so cute!

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