Review: NYX HD Finishing Banana Powder

Banana powder used to be one of those “best kept” secret beauty products, but ever since word got out that Kim Kardashian uses it, banana powder has become as popular in the beauty industry as iPhones are in the technology industry.

I lived a long time without using banana powder. I usually kept my highlight and under eye makeup simple. However, everything changed one day when I used banana powder for the first time.

It was light on my skin.

It blended naturally.

It took my forever-dark circles away.

It became a staple.

One of the most popular banana powders out there is Ben Nye’s Banana Powder. While I’ve used this one before and I love it to death, there are no stores near me that carry it. Luckily, I found something that works just as great for everyday use: NYX HD Finishing Powder.

The NYX HD Finishing Powder in “Banana” does the same things that Ben Nye’s powder does. It blends smoothly on skin, looks natural, brightens dark areas, and looks great with all skin tones. I’ve been using this particular powder almost every day since February—when I was very pale—until now, July—when I have a nice tan.

Personally I apply this powder with my (slightly damp) beauty blender. I’ve applied it with a brush and my fingers as well, but I like using my beauty blender the best because it seems to be more pigmented and blended.

One thing that I really like about this powder is that it photographs really well—you can go check out my Instagram for proof. It also has a very matte finish, but is not drying like most powders.

Note: One key difference between this powder and Ben Nye’s is that this one is not a loose powder. It is pressed.

The bottom line is NYX HD Finishing Banana Powder is the best. Whether you’re new to using banana powder, don’t have Ben Nye readily available, or are just looking for an alternative—this powder will totally win you over.

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