Sleek Outfit Ideas for Rainy Days

April showers bring May flowers out the rain boots. Springweather can be hard to dress for. You want to look cute and trendy, but still suitable for the weather. Since today is the first day of April, I thought today would be the perfect day to share with you guys some of my favorite ways to style rain boots.

1. Rompers and Trench Coats

One of my rain boot looks is just a comfy romper, trench coat, and the boots. Personally, I like more neutral colors when it comes to these types of outfits to keep you from looking childish. A chunky necklace and a messy bun will totally complete this look. Whenever it’s raining out, I always like the look of a bun or braid, that way if you take your hair down, you’re left with loose waves and texture.

2. Dresses, Cardigans, and Trench Coats

To keep you cool, but dry, try pairing a dress with your rain boots. I like to have a long cardigan with me in case I get chilly inside. When it’s raining really hard but is still warmer out, I like to have my legs free (from pants) so I don’t have to worry about walking around in damp bottoms. This look is cute, casual, and definitely won’t leave you feeling like you’re dressing lazily—even though you’ll be super comfortable.

3. Tights and Socks

Whether you prefer a dress, skirt, or shorts, tights will definitely add some femininity to your look. I prefer to wear sheer black tights with the rain boots, so that way if they get wet, you can’t really tell. To keep extra warm, try layering high socks or leg warmers with your boots—have them peek out of the top to add a pop of color. Usually the color socks or leg warmers I wear match the color of my purse.

4. Leggings, Leather Jackets, and Layered Tops

I love this work for more casual settings. To recreate this look, pair your favorite black leggings with a button up (collared) shirt and a sweater on top. Add the leather jacket for when you’re outside. I would keep the accessories to a minimum by only wearing a statement necklace and simple earrings, rather than a scarf. I see this look a lot at school and people just walking around the city. I’m sure if you work somewhere with a more laid back dress code, this would work perfectly too. I think this look is very chic and warm.

5. Shades of Gray (Or Black)

This is more of a tip than a look. Selecting shades of gray/back clothing is a simple way to make picking out your outfit easy and still look chic. Black bottoms, a loose gray and black graphic tee, spring jacket, and your favorite rain boots make this outfit look urban and trendy. Add your pop of color in with nail polish and lipstick.

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