The Best Makeup Brushes Ever

I’m obsessed with those makeup transformations with all the fabulous contouring—you know what I’m talking about—where the person looks completely different afterwards. After looking through some today, it got me thinking about how blending your makeup is so important and technical.

My mom taught my sister and I how to apply makeup when we were little, but as a girl grows up, she gets more curious. Because of my curiosity, I used to spend hours watching makeup videos on YouTube. Even if I didn’t have the products that they were using, I was still fixed on watching them.

When I got into high school, I discovered the importance of using makeup tools. I found that brushes, for me, are the best possible tools to use (sponges soak up the products too much for my liking). Here are three of my favorite makeup brush brands!

e.l.f. Studio

You don’t have to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on makeup brushes. The e.l.f. Studio brushes are some of my favorite brushes that I use every day. I like these brushes because they are anti-bacterial and synthetic haired, so I don’t have to feel guilty about any animals being harmed. These brushes are also super soft and actually last a long time. These brushes come in black and have black bristles, which I love because I like for all my brushes to match. Although they’re really cheap—we’re talking only $1 to $6 per brush—the quality is nice and they look sleek. Occasionally a bristle may fall out, but that happens with every brush.

Sephora Collection

I love—love—Sephora. One day when I was there, I went over and started touching some of the brushes (I can’t help myself) and came across the most perfect gel eyeliner brush ever. It was from the Sephora collection (it has a silver handle) and made my eyeliner look amazing. Naturally, I went back and bought a few more to add with it. Every brush that I’ve used from the Sephora Collection I have loved. The brushes last a long time (I’ve had mine for about 3 years) and really do a great job at blending your makeup, whether it be for your eyes, lip, or face. I like that these are affordable brushes too. They’re not as cheap as e.l.f. Studio brushes, but they do last longer and are easier to clean.

Make Up For Ever

Make Up For Ever brushes are probably the best brushes I’ve ever used. Hands down. They feel like air on your skin and they don’t soak up all your product. The brushes are dense and clean so easily. I am obsessed with these brushes. The only thing I don’t like about these brushes is that they’re so expensive—like $52 for a Kabuki brush. I’m the kind of person who loses everything, so losing a $52 brush that makes my skin happy, makes me very upset. These brushes are the kind of brushes that you won’t want to travel with or have in your makeup bag. These brushes deserve their own spot on your vanity counter for everyone to see (and hopefully not steal!).

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