The Best Nude Lip Colors

Since it is National Lipstick Day, why don’t we talk about the perfect nude lip colors? While I love a bold lip look, I have to admit that I love my earthy toned naturals too.

These five lip colors that I’m going to share with you in just a second are some of my favorite nude colors. In my opinion, the colors can suit just about anyone. Some are very light, while some are very dark. Some have pink undertones, while others have a more gray tone (I know “gray” sounds weird, but it looks amazing).

The first color I want to introduce to you all is Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shine in #99 Mélancolie. While this lipstick has more of a balm-like coverage than a typical creamy lipstick, it is stunning. I always line my lips first (and fill them in) with Chanel’s lip liner in #93 Beige Innocent, then top it off with Mélancolie to add a bit of color and shine. I am completely in love with this combo. It looks great with every makeup look—heavy eyeliner, “no makeup” makeup, a smokey brown eye, etc.

The second color is by MAC. It’s called Supremely Confident and is a Sheen Supreme Lipstick. I’ve repurchased this lipstick three times the first year I bought it. I used to use it as my everyday color because I was very, very into smokey eyes and colorful eye looks. I first bought a few years ago it when everyone used to use concealer and foundation to “mute” the color of their lips. This lipstick is perfect if you want that “foundation colored lip” look. It takes all the color out of your lips and makes it look like foundation, but extremely glossy. One trait I really like about this lipstick is that it doesn’t give you that weird product line on your lips after a while like some other lipsticks—and it keeps them moisturized!

My third color is actually just a lip gloss. It’s by Smashbox and it is called Jewel. I got it for Christmas and it came from the Smashbox on the Rocks Be Legendary Lip Gloss Set. I love this gloss. It’s a gray-toned neutral gloss. I usually wear this one when I’m wearing more silver, gray, and cool-toned eye makeup. If you wear it with very warm tones, it can tend to look a little strange. I have worn this on top of both lip balm and the Chanel liner I mentioned earlier, and it looks great no matter what. It has a lot of little sparkles that are so beautiful. I have hazel eyes and even when I just wear this gloss and have only mascara on, I feel like it really makes my eyes pop!

The fourth and fifth colors I want to tell you guys about are both from MAC. They are Velvet Teddy and Jubilee. Many of you probably know about Velvet Teddy; it seems like it’s a go-to color for most people. I can definitely see why it’s a staple color for everyone. It’s matte and lasts a long time.

Jubilee is that perfect “natural shine” lipstick. It’s very feminine and soft looking. I call this one my “date night” lipstick because it gives the lips a very sexy, full look while still looking natural. If you layer this lipstick on top of Velvet Teddy, you’ll get a nice bold neutral lip with a gorgeous shine.

I hope that those of you that have been on the hunt lately for some nude lipsticks learned a thing or two from this post. For those of you that are just reading this for fun, thank you and please feel free to read my other posts too (and share them on social media to help others!). That’s all for tonight my beautiful people. Kisses to you all!

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