The Closet Clean Out

Flashback to last week: I moved back home from college and I’m in the midst of putting everything away. Dozens and dozens of pairs of shoes, racks full of tops and dresses, and drawers full of leggings and pants stared back at me. Even though I have a full walk-in closet, I found myself unable to find room for everything. It was official; I had thought the forbidden thought: I own way too much clothing.

But what was I supposed to do?

Get rid of some.

If any of you are like me, you haven’t grown much since you were about 15. To some people this wouldn’t seem like a problem—but it is. When you don’t grow, you don’t get rid of clothes because you still fit in them. So over time, you end up with more clothing pieces than there are days in a year. It’s heartbreaking—but necessary—to get rid of some eventually.

And that’s what I did.

I filled up large garbage bags and bins full of clothing that I hadn’t worn in the past year (or since I was 15). Things that weren’t in style anymore. Items that looked childish. Old essential pieces. Oh, and of course those outfits that I bought on a whim because they were 60% off at Akira (or wherever) that I didn’t even like much anyway—I‘m one of the worst impulse buyers ever.

I did a few things with my clothes before bagging/binning them up. I made a pile to donate, a pile to sell, and a pile to throw away. One of the things I realized while I was sorting was that I had no idea where to sell my clothes to. I didn’t want to have to haul them all the way to a resale shop that would rip me off and I didn’t have to patience to sell them on eBay. So I began my research…

The three main “sell your clothing” sites I found best were Threadflip, threadUP, and Twice. It seemed like there are hundreds of sites out there like these, but I picked these three because they’re full service, popular, and had the best reviews. These sites are super easy. Basically you just send them your clothes, they sort through what is sellable, and then they pay you for it via credit, check, PayPal, Venmo, giftcards, donation to a cause, etc. Your rejected clothes either get sent back to you or they donate them—whichever you decide. I like these sites because I feel like they really take the time to sort through things and choose who they donate to carefully.

I haven’t decided which site I’m going to use yet, but when I do, I’ll try my best to write a post about the experience to share with you all. Until then, I hope those of you who need to clean out your closets too can find the motivation to do it soon. I know it seems difficult and stressful, but I promise you’ll feel so much better afterwards. My closet took an entire day to organize and now it’s beautiful, color-organized, and neat. You guys can do it too!

Tweet me if you’ve used any of those sites and tell me about your experiences, which sites you used, or just to say hi and ask questions!

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