The Color of the Year

The color of the 2015 year has been released. It’s rich, earthy tone will be fabulous for everything from fashion, to beauty, to even your home! The color gives off the illusion of luxury and glamour. The deep red-brown hue looks gorgeous on every skin tone and compliments every neutral color. So what is this mystery color?


Yes. Marsala—like the wine.

This delicious hue will be all over the place this year. One of the things I like best about this color is how well it’ll last until December. Picture it with creamy peach tones and faded olive colors for spring; crisp whites and baby blues for summer; deep browns and light gray tones for fall; and tied to decadent forest greens and shimmering golds for winter.

I just can’t get enough of this color. It’s absolutely delicious in every way possible. The regal vibe and comforting warmth it represents is simply inspiring.

This is one of the first colors in a few years that I can see both masculine and feminine crowds wearing. While I adored the violet orchid color last year, it wasn’t a color I saw most men being able to pull off. There are men who certainly did rock the purple hue, but I definitely think more men will be able to confidently wear Marsala.

If you’re unfamiliar with the color Marsala, it’s kind of like burgundy or maroon. Think of the darker tones of red-browns. Warm but bold.

For Marsala inspiration, visit my Pinterest board.

Best of luck to you all fashionistas! Be sure to share this will all your friends to get the word out about the top color of 2015. Marsala is the new black.

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