The Denim Trend: Wear and Tear

They’re baaaack. Ripped jeans—aka destroyed denim—appeared for a little bit just a few years ago, but were quickly forgotten about once leggings took over. Now that leggings are obviously here to stay, ripped jeans have made another appearance.

Style & Color

Different styles of destroyed jeans have been surfacing. The two main styles that I have noticed are skinny jeans and boyfriend jeans. From what I have noticed so far, with skinny jeans, the most popular colors have been black, white, and a little bit of medium wash denim. Light and medium-colored denim has been outrageously popular with boyfriend jeans.

Skinny Jeans

Now that we know the popular styles and colors, it’s time to get into the details. High-waist skinnies seem to have fallen out of the running and have been replaced with a mid-waist style. This mid-rise style has seemed to be flattering on the people I have seen it on so far and make the legs look longer, but don’t have that “mom jeans” look to them. As far as the “destroyed” level goes, I’m noticing minimal and extreme damage. Mostly I have seen skinnies with just a tear at the knee; however, I have found some really cute pairs that are heavily destroyed.

Boyfriend Jeans

Almost every person I’ve seen wear boyfriend jeans has them slightly cuffed at the ankle and has on gorgeous pumps or heeled booties. The jeans are not usually too distressed. They typically have two or three holes here and there—but mostly on the thigh. I feel like it is important to have rips in boyfriend jeans, especially near the knee and thigh, to keep from looking way bigger than you are. Boyfriend jeans can be tricky to pull off and style. Ideally, tall and thin body types pull these off best because honestly boyfriend jeans just usually look better on slim frames. Slim frames have the option to wear a tiny crop top with the jeans without looking too exposed. Neutral -colored tops tend to look best with these jeans.


Destroyed denim can be a difficult thing to shop for. Each style is different and it really just takes a little time to find the perfect pair. Just stay calm and optimistic when looking for your ideal pair and don’t settle for a pair you’re not crazy about. I’ve been looking for the perfect pair since December and I just found them last week—about 5 months later!

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