What's In My Purse?

If you’re like any other typical woman, you can probably relate to this: You find a super cute bag, fall in love with it, imagine how perfect it’ll look with X, Y, and Z outfits, and then practically run to the counter to purchase it. For the first few days of having it, you lie to yourself and say that this timeyou’ll keep it organized (and you certainly won’t let gum wrappers and coins fall to the bottom of the purse—for now). But weeks go by and you notice that your purse is so heavy. Finally, it gets to that point: you have to clean it out.

Well at least that how it is for me. Lucky for you all, I’m going to give you a full disclosure of what’s in my purse—at least what starts off in it anyway.

1. iPhone

I can’t go anywhere without my phone. It is my schedule, my clock, and my means of communication with just about everyone in my life.

2. Gum & Mints

I love having gum and mints in my purse. Whether it is to make sure I have fresh breath, or in case I get hungry, I always need to have it with me.

3. Makeup

Alright, in reality, maybe I only need to have lip balm and lip gloss in my purse. But I currently have my staple lipstick, two lip balms (they always go missing!), mascara, bronzer, an eyeshadow stick, and powder. I have good reason for all this makeup in my bag though—I usually am on my way to work, running errands after the gym, or have friends or family with me that want to touch up their makeup too.

4. Wallet

Inside I have my: credit card, 1-2 debit cards, my driver’s license, my school ID, 5-10 business cards, gym membership card, and cash.

5. Coins

Usually my coins end up at the bottom, but since I just cleaned it out, they’re in that little zipper pocket (you know exactly which one I mean).

6. Keys

If my keys aren’t in my purse, I feel like I can never find them. Whenever I think I put them on the kitchen counter, they end up on a table in a different room. So it’s better to keep them where I know they will be when I need them.

7. Portable Charger

My phone always—always—loses battery. My family members tell me it’s because I’m on it so much, but I really just think my phone likes to mess with me sometimes and decides to take frequent naps. My portable charger saves my life and always comes in handy for people that are with me too.

8. Protein Bar

I always have something to eat in my purse. I like to keep a protein bar in there because it’s a healthier option and stops me from even think about swinging through a drive-through and buying food that isn’t good for my body. Plus protein keeps me full for a long time!

9. Bikini

Hey, it’s summer! You never know when you could be going swimming!!

Okay everyone! That’s what is in my purse at the moment. I hope you enjoyed a sneak peek into my bag and got inspired to clean out yours too. Who knows, maybe you can go buy yourself a pair of pumps with the money that can add up from those coins just hanging around in the bottom of your purse!

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