Review: Covergirl Outlast Lip Color

If you're looking for a lip color that stays on all day—and night—I’ve found the perfect one for you.

I was in Target a few weeks ago buying those non-slip things you put on the bottom of your shoes and decided to head over to the makeup section just to look (which is a lie because there’s never “just looking” in Target). When I saw this display of all these different liquid lipstick colors (Covergirl Outlast Lip Color), my interest was piqued. After looking at them for a little bit, I realized I had one of these kinds a few years back and literally wore it every day.

I decided that since it is fall, a nice, deep earthy tone would be perfect to try out. I ended up picking out Spiced Latte 577. It’s like a grey, brown, purple-ish, nude tone. It’s seriously amazing. If you guys have never seen this color, it is basically a perfect dupe to MAC’s Stone. I didn’t even realize it until every other girl I work with and go to school with complimented me on the color and asked if it was Stone by MAC.

Never in my life had I gotten so many compliments on a lip color. I was shocked that out of every MAC, Chanel, NARS, Clinique—you name it—lip product, this $8 Covergirl product was the one people were obsessing over the most.

I also went back and purchased a second color—Lingering Spice 619—less than a week later. It’s this gorgeous coral-auburn-burnt orange color. It’s like the best coral shade for fall. It pairs super nicely with copper tones! I wore copper-toned makeup, this lip color, and an emerald green shirt, and let me tell you, it looked amazing.

One of the things I personally obsess over about the Outlast lip product is that it really, really stays on. I actually have to use makeup remover and lip exfoliator to get it completely off. This is one of the few lip products I use that I don’t actually use lip liner with. The reason I don’t use a liner with this color is because the color doesn’t stick as well to the liner as it does to the lips, plus it stays in place regardless, so I don’t need a liner to help it stay. Also, the applicator is thin enough at certain parts where you can just line with that and be completely fine if you really want to line.

I was most shocked at the fact that this lip color doesn’t dry my lips out. Okay, actually, the lip color itself does, but if you follow the directions (lip color first, and then clear balm second), your lips will be glossy and moisturized. The clear balm that you apply after you let the lip color dry is the best balm ever, in my opinion. It’s kind of like Maybelline’s Baby Lips Lip Balm, but it stays on for longer.

Long story short, if you have a job where you can’t be touching up your makeup every 3 hours, this product is a necessity for you. If you travel often or just don’t like reapplying your makeup, this is also for you. Heck, this product is for everyone. Go to Target or Ulta and buy it. You’ll see what I mean!

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