Cold Weather Workout Outfits

The breeze is blowing slightly, the air is crisp—and you have no idea what to wear for your run! Luckily

we know just what to wear to keep you warm and cool at the same time.

Outfit #1:

If you get cold easily, but don’t want to overheat during your workout, I recommend wearing a light long-sleeved top, leggings, and a headband. My favorite running top for the fall is the Nike Element Half-Zip because keeps you dry and warm. It comes in a bunch of colors like gray, black, red, blues, and even pinks. It’s really soft and the fabric moves with you, so you don’t feel restricted. Tops like this are great because you can wear another shirt underneath, or just a sports bra. Pair this top with a pair of

lightweight leggings—I recommend cropped to keep you cooler—and you’re ready to run. For extra

cuteness, add a stretchy headband to keep your hair off your face. For days when it’s extra chilly,

headbands that are made out from fleece really help keep your ears warm.

Outfit #2:

A simple outfit for those days where it’s sunny but breezy is just a hoodie and shorts. Under Armour sells some really warm, thick hoodies that come in all sorts of colors and styles. Half-zip, full-zip, no-zip—the options are endless! I like wearing these types of hoodies with just normal, slightly-loose running shorts. It’s a really comfy outfit that is great for just lounging around in. Sometimes, I go to bed in my outfit like this, so when I wake up early to work out, I just have to throw my hair up and put on my shoes.

Outfit #3:

If you’re the type of person who loves to wear sweatpants, but hates the bagginess while working out, the gym pant from Victoria’s Secret Pink is your new BFF. The pants can be full length or scrunched up at the bottom a bit. Wear these pants with a simple dry-fit tank or tee and you’ll be ready to hit the ground running (or whatever you like to do).

Outfit #4:

For those extra cold and windy days: long leggings, a head band, scrunched socks, gloves, and a long

sleeve shirt. This outfit is really adorable because of the socks. Just take knee-high socks, or leg

warmers, and push them down to your ankle. It might remind you of an 80’s workout video, but if you

wear neutral colors, you’ll see how cute it can be. The socks/legwarmers give you a bit more warmth, just like the gloves. The North Face actually makes really warm leggings for the colder seasons. They can be a bit expensive, but they last a long time and really keep you toasty.

*This article first originally appeared on I'mperfect Magazine, however, like all my content, I did write it.

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