Nutty Nutrition

Nuts are everywhere--in salads, granola, baked goods...the list goes on! There are many

different kinds of nuts out there and each different type has unique health benefits.

Nuts in general are a great source of fat—the good kind of course! Get this: nuts can even

help you maintain a healthy weight and lower cholesterol levels. But don’t go grouping

peanuts into the nut category; they’re actually legumes. Read on to learn about the benefits these nuts have.


They’re yummy, they’re crunchy, they’re a great snack—they’re almonds! Almonds are a

great source of vitamin E, as well as fiber and other vitamins and minerals. These nuts are

also gluten free and are a popular substitute for gluten-free foods. Have a handful a day for

a fast, energizing snack! But almonds aren’t just great for the inside of the body. Almond oil

helps to keep skin moisturized and is used in cosmetic products and aromatherapy oils.

I recommend: Silk Unsweetened Almond Milk


Their name sounds like an adorable sneeze: cashews! Cashews are filled with antioxidants,

vitamins, and tons of energy! The “C” shaped nut is high in calories, but protects against

diseases. Zinc can also be found in cashews. What’s special about zinc is that it helps

regulate growth and development, so giving a few cashews to your child (provided s/he

doesn’t have nut allergies, of course!) might help more than those animal-shaped crackers.

Cashews also can curb that “crunch craving” you may be having and fill you up as well!

I recommend: Kind Bar in Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew


It’s time to get those chestnuts roasting on an open fire! This sung-about nut is the perfect

treat during the holidays—and always. Chestnuts are surprisingly low in calories, unlike

other nuts. They have less fat, but still have plenty of vitamins and minerals to go around!

These nuts are a good source of fiber and vitamin C. If you suffer from anemia, this nut will

be your new BFF because of it being high in iron. Go ahead and enjoy some sweet

chestnuts this holiday season, guilt-free!

I recommend: Gefen Whole Chestnuts (Roasted & Peeled)


Butter-pecan ice cream always pops into my head whenever someone talks about pecans.

Pecans are high in antioxidants and energy which is perfect for those who are always on

the go! Aside from their buttery flavor, pecans are popular for their source of Vitamin E

which helps keep cell membranes healthy. Though these nuts are commonly found in

desserts like pie, fudge, caramel turtles, muffins, and ice cream (are you hungry yet?), they

taste delicious on their own too.

I recommend: Blue Diamond Natural Pecan Nut-Thins

No matter what the nut, there’s bound to be a major health benefit. But like everything else,

nuts should be eaten in moderation. These four nuts are great tasting and good for you, but

there’s a whole lot more nuts to be tasted. One thing to keep in mind when exploring your

new nut habit, is to stick to natural products—we love Nutella too, but that doesn’t mean

Nutella is a great source of healthy fats every day. To incorporate more nuts in your life

without over-doing it, create (or buy) a nut mix and throw a handful into a plastic bag for the

day to snack on.

*A version of this article first originally appeared on I'mperfect Magazine, however, like all my content, I did write it.

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