Cheers for Champagne Pop!

BECCA Cosmetics released big—big—news yesterday: Champagne Pop is permanent.

Permanent as in, it’s no longer limited edition. Now, you don’t have to buy 4 additional ones after you’ve hit pan on the one you’re currently using because you’re afraid that you’ll never ever find a perfect highlighter again (at least that's what I did). Now when you hit pan, you can go back to Sephora (or Amazon) at any time and know your holy-grail highlighter will be there waiting for you.

How do I know this? BECCA Cosmetics tweeted this yesterday:

Some of you might be reading this going, “What is she talking about?” Well, here’s a quick history lesson:

Jaclyn Hill, a YouTube beauty guru and vlogger, released a highlighter with BECCA Cosmetics in Summer 2015. When it first came out, rumor has it that it sold out in 20 minutes. Pretty much every Jaclyn Hill fan, BECCA Cosmetics customer, and makeup-obsessed geek—including myself—has been obsessed with it ever since.

Social media blew up about Champagne Pop. Other beauty gurus were using it in their videos, people were reviewing it, having it as a prize for giveaways/contests, selfies were posted all over Instagram raving about it...just search "#champagnepop" on Twitter or Instagram and you'll see what I'm talking about. It had more hype than Kylie's Lip Kit.

Champagne Pop is a pressed powder highlighter with a peach undertone, which basically means that it’s flattering on every skin tone because it neutralizes (pink + yellow = a perfect neutralizer). It creates a stunning look for strobing, or a sexy dewy look if blended almost all over the face. Champagne Pop even made it into BECCA’s Champagne Glow palette alongside Pearl and Blushed Copper (two highlighters; Pearl is more white-toned and Blushed Copper is more, well, copper-toned).

If you head into Sephora anytime soon, try a little bit of Champagne Pop on and you’ll see for yourself why it’s such a staple product for so many women now.


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