Spring Preview: Casual & Cute

Soft sunlight, tiny tickles-your-nose breezes, and dewy mornings—what’s not to love about spring? Although it’s still a little early for spring here in the Midwest, we have been getting some warmer weather and it’s inspiring me to get some looks together.

As some of you might have seen on my Instagram, I posted a close up of a look on Wednesday that I’m bound to be wearing on those slightly cooler spring days. This spring I’m all about pastel sweaters and skater skirts when trying to be cute, but still cozy!

For the perfect match up, I recommend cropped knit sweaters in pastel colors paired with neutral colored skater skirts. Some of the color combinations I think work best are sky blue and white, blush pink and beige, yellow and white/beige, light green and grey, and lavender and black.

When it comes to shoes with this outfit, I prefer a cute pair of flats or shoes with a slight wedge. Personally, I paired off my look with a pair of shoes I got ages ago that look like ballet flats, but have a mini wedge. However, I really do think some cute almond toe heels would look cute, just as long as they aren’t sky high. With looks like this one I tend to keep the height low on my shoes just because I like to make sure the look stays more on the casual side.

I’ll be updating you all with more looks throughout the month with lots more pictures to follow. To see an example of the look I’m talking about in this post, please feel free to go to my “Looks” section of my blog. Thanks for reading!

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