6 Places to Buy Swimwear That Aren't Victoria's Secret

In the Midwest, Victoria's Secret and Pink seem to be the main stores to buy swimwear and beachwear. While the suits are super comfortable, stylish, and gorgeous, it's not always ideal when you go to the beach and see dozens of bikini babes prancing around in the exact same suit you have on. Sure, they might have it on in a different color or pattern, but it's still the same and you want to be different.

I totally understand that, which is why I'm sharing some of my favorite places to buy swimwear that aren't Victoria's Secret with you today.

1. Target

That's right. Target has some really cute swimwear options that are definitely budget friendly. While majority of the stores seem to have some of the same swimwear options (like the basic push up tops and side tie bottoms), I've found that the swimwear tends to vary from store to store. This means you're more likely to not see your same bikini on the beach on someone else, well, at least not as often.

2. Venus

Venus doesn't really change their swimwear each year on their website, but they still have really cute pieces. They tend to change to pattern and colors of the products, but each time you log on, you'll probably see the same suit you bought a few months prior. However, Venus is really good for pageant swimwear. I personally bought my pageant bikini here and I have no regrets. Venus is also good for ladies who are a bit more blessed in the boob area because of the support, removable padding, and design.


If you've never heard of ASOS before, stop right now and go to their website...I'll wait.

Okay, now that you've gone to their website, you've probably added at least 4 things to your cart because everything is that gorgeous. Their swimwear options will be having you do the same exact thing. Mesh, cutouts, sexy laces, and to-die-for one pieces are just a taste of what ASOS carries when it comes to beachwear. I highly, highly recommend ASOS, especially if you're a gal that loves her one pieces. ASOS also carries a "Fuller Bust" line that is perfect for more blessed ladies as well. I obviously have never had a maternity suit because I've never been pregnant, so I can't speak from experience, but ASOS does have a pretty cute collection.

4. Bikini Luxe

Bikini Luxe is one of my favorites for finding bikinis that you haven't really seen anywhere at all. They have a really wide range of beachwear and even carry the Beach Bunny and Meg Liz brands. The one downfall about this store is that the swimwear can be kind of pricey depending on which brand you choose. However, on the bright side, they always have a great sale section and bikinis under $100. Either way, the quality of Bikini Luxe's swimwear is very nice and the cuts are super flattering. If you spend a lot of time in your swimwear, definitely check out Bikini Luxe because it is a very good investment.

5. O'Neill

This company was one that I discovered two years ago in Hawaii. I bought my first ever bikini from there that was part of Elyse Taylor's limited edition collection. It is this super gorgeous crochet bikini in beige and a light olive green. I'm totally obsessed with it and it is so sexy. I don't think the collection is still available, but the Solids and the Lux Solids collections are two of my current favorites on the website.

6. PacSun

For the last few years, I've been thinking that PacSun is a "teen store" but lately, they've been changing my mind. Introducing Brandy Melville and Kendall and Kylie's collection has done wonders for PacSun. The store has changed dramatically since I was in high school and I must say it's for the better. PacSun has really cute swimwear (knits, crochet, cut outs, beachy patterns) for any occasion. The bikinis will definitely give you Cali-fever and will have you running to the nearest beach as soon as you checkout.

I know shopping for bikinis can be an extremely fun experience, or a dreadful redundant one, so I hope to have helped some of you find that perfect spring/summer swimsuit. If you have any questions or would like any more recommendations on where to find the best bikinis, shoot me an email, leave a comment, or tweet me.

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