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On an early Wednesday morning a few weeks ago, I was sipping my coffee while I thought about what to write for my blog. As I was sorting through topics in my head, I heard a little "ding" from my phone, signaling that an email had just came in.

Since I was procrastinating writing a bit, I decided to check the email right away and I was completely thrilled when I saw who it was from; Rocksbox.

I had heard of Rocksbox before, but I had never tried it (until now). The email asked me if I would like to be a brand ambassador/social media influencer. I smiled as I read the email, and immediately wanted to say yes, however, like my mom taught me to, I waited and asked the questions I needed to. Everything checked out perfectly, which brings me to now.

So for the next 3 months, I have a free Rocksbox membership! It's totally cool. I love jewelry (it brings me back to the days when I worked in a boutique) and with my busy schedule, having it sent to my house makes accessorizing outfits a million times easier. I also have a code so that you all can receive a free month from Rocksbox too! Just type in TIFFANYGBFF3 and you'll be all set!

For those of you who are reading this going, "I have no idea what Rocksbox is," I'll give you kind of a SparkNotes version.

In the email I received, Rocksbox was explained as "the premiere destination to rent designer jewelry. For a monthly fee, members receive a highly curated box of designer jewelry (Kendra Scott, House of Harlow, Gorjana, Loren Hope, and more) with the option to borrow, buy or swap at any time."

So Rocksbox is basically like "Rent the Runway"...but for jewelry. You get to keep your set for as long as you want with your membership, and when you are ready for a new look, you simply mail it back to them (using the free shipping label they give you), and then they will send you a brand new set to try out (BTW you won't have to wait forever...they ship really fast). If you like any of the pieces of jewelry and just can't part with them, then you don't have to! You always have the option to buy. All you do is keep the piece and purchase it online. Super easy, right?

One of the things I really like about Rocksbox is that you get a "wishlist" to add items to. You do this by scrolling through the "wishlist" section on the website and clicking this cute little pink star to add it to your list (you can always delete some too!). You can pick anything; bracelets, rings, necklaces, or earrings. They suggest having at least 15 items on your wishlist, but you can do as many as you'd like. I have 18 items on my wishlist right now, and basically what that means is that when your stylist is putting together your Rocksbox for you, they select an item from your wishlist to coordinate into the look. So you pretty much have a Fairy Godmother that grants you jewelry wishes. Yay!

Honestly I've heard nothing but good things about Rocksbox and I really enjoy it so far. You all know I keep it real here. It's worth a try at the very least, I mean you can just try it out for a month for free and if you don't like it, cancel the membership. It's totally worth it in my eyes. If I had the opportunity to try out Rocksbox for a month for free before they contacted me, I would've in a heartbeat!

If you follow me on Instagram (if you don't, you should; @tiffanymariegabriel), you've probably seen a glimpse of the jewelry that I received in my first box! I received these stunning Kenda Scott stone earrings from my wishlist, a gold Trina Turk triangle necklace, and this incredibly icy bracelet from Urban Gem. I've been wearing the pieces throughout the week and I plan to wear some for a signing I have on Sunday. I'll be sending my pieces back Monday so I can get a new set (I'm so excited!).

If you guys have any questions, feel free to contact me! If you see any of my items on Instagram and want to know the name of the item so you can add it to your wishlist, just leave a comment and I'l reply right away!

Once again, that free month code is TIFFANYGBFF3.

Click here to get signed up!

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