5 Articles I Loved on the Web This Week

As I stalked the web on my iPhone during my breaks this week, I came across five articles that I just couldn’t let go of. I’ve got a good mix of information to share with you all, from how investing in makeup can impact your career to emojis that finally suit us, I'm confident that you’ll find these ravishing reads just as shocking as I did.

1. Google Proposes New Line of Emojis to Represent Career Women

Digital communication is a big part of today’s society...which means emojis are too, naturally. Although many people may argue that the middle finger emoji was long- overdue, I can’t help but wonder how it was created before working women’s emojis. The good news is this: Google is releasing new emojis by the end of 2016 that are geared for us, career women. Oh, and did I mention they’re super cute too?

2. Five Job Search Tactics That Work -- And Five That Don’t

Stop wasting your time applying for jobs...use it productively! This Forbes article explains exactly what works and what doesn’t. My favorite tip is to not brand yourself based off of tasks and duties (a.k.a. branding yourself “boring”).

3. 7 Summer Fitness Retreats Worth Skipping Town (And the Gym) For!

Let me get this straight...traveling, glamour, and health, all in one weekend? Where do I sign up?

4. Why More Makeup Means Better Pay For Women

There is another reason to justify that $250 you spent at Sephora last week, and it’s actually meaningful. This article explains how makeup and appearance are actually investments in your financial future. Do you agree?

5. How To Be Better Than The Woman You Were Yesterday

We like to think that we’re 100% perfect, 100% of the time, but this article inspires us to be better than we are already. In order to be better, we have to constantly keep changing and growing. Some of my favorite tips are to say no and “swallow the frog.”

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