Suiting Up & Slimming Down

It is official, swimsuit season is here—but what do you do if your bikini bod isn’t quite ready yet? You play to your strengths! A favorite and easy way to flatter our bodies is to use color and patterns! Keep reading to find out which prints will instantly slim you down!

Dark Colors

It’s no surprise that dark colors slim and hide away certain areas—just like shadows. When you’re trying to slim yourself with clothing, think about it like contouring. Light colors will bring areas closer to the eye, while dark colors will do the opposite.

One of my favorite slimming suits are the ones by Triagnl. Triangl suits are colorful, but the trim tends to “outline” bodies but makes them look smaller because of the color (black). Though they're not as trendy as they were last year, they're still super cute and flattering.

If you’re really trying for an overall leaner look, try an all-black bikini. Avoid push-up padding, as it can tend to make figures look bigger, and aim for bottoms that scrunch in the back to create a perky-looking backside. Dark plums, reds, and blues can also keep you looking colorful, but still cover problem areas.

Vertical Stripes

Patterns can either go very right or very wrong when it comes to making bodies look thinner. The goal should always be to elongate when wanting to appear thinner. Horizontal stripes will make you look wider; vertical stripes will look you look taller and stretched out. Be careful when selecting stripes too—too thin stripes will look too busy, and too thick stripes may widen your figure. Aim for stripes that are about half of an inch wide.

Embroidery & Embellishments

Distracting the eye is a great way to make you look thinner. Pretty embroidery in light colors, crochet details, and hardware or crystal embellishments will gain the attention of whoever is looking at you, therefore keeping the person’s eyes off your body, and on to your suit. Contrasting colors—like white and black, pink and gray, etc.—will also help your figure looking thin.

Remember: keep details minimal. Select a suit that has small embellishments that accent the suit, rather than overwhelm it.


I know jewelry isn’t a color or pattern—but it is an extra way to make you look slimmer. Small body chains that hang down the middle of your body will catch the light, and draw the light in, creating an illusion and slimming your figure.

No matter what your body shape is—it’s beautiful. We’re not saying that slim figures are better than others or vise-versa. We just want you all to feel as confident as possible, because that is what matters most! Regardless, have fun at the beach or pool—or wherever you’re going—and rock that swimsuit!

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