These 4 Nerve-Worthy Fitness Centers Will Get Your Heart Racing and Blood Pumping

“Are you a watcher or a player?

In the new Lionsgate film, Nerve, a game very similar to Truth or Dare is giving players a new kind of rush. With no “truth” option in the game, the dares are extreme—but have prizes well worth the risk. When one player in particular signs up for just one dare, she finds herself caught up in the rush-worthy game that leads to an exciting and shocking finale.

Much like the players in Nerve, I love a good dare. The feeling of challenge is something I get sucked into. It gives me that rush that nothing else ever can.

You know the rush I’m talking about—that heart-throbbing, sense-heightening, heavy-breathing feeling of adrenaline is like no other. You feel it in your whole body. It’s unstoppable—like you in those moments.

Wouldn’t it be incredible if we could have that intense, invincible feeling more often? Well, get ready to lose your breath—I know just the way to do it: fitness.

Fitness can get you that same sense of adrenaline that a dare does—or at least pretty close to it. However, getting that rush requires extreme workouts. If you’ve been search for a way to mix some thrill into your life, like in the new movie Nerve, then keep reading because I found four of the best fitness centers that are sure to excite. Plus, at the end of this post is a way for you to win some exciting items from Lionsgate —including passes to see Nerve. The movie lets players win prizes, so it’s only fair that you get a chance too.

1. River North CrossFit

CrossFit is the very first workout that comes to my mind whenever I think of extreme workouts. Because of its high intensity and conditioning elements, CrossFit is a total-body workout that tests physical aspects such as power, agility, stamina, speed, and coordination. Just watching a CrossFit workout can be exciting.

River North CrossFit is open 5am-9pm and has 13 daily classes so you can definitely fit it in your 9-5 workday with ease.

According to their website, River North CrossFit states that, “environment has a huge impact on the success of any fitness regimen, so we approach fitness as a learning experience that creates community, positivity, and can-do attitudes.”

By creating an environmentally-impacted approach, River North CrossFit provides a motivating and inspirational culture full of multi-level athletes.

A CrossFit workout regimen will earn you strength in all the right places so you can take on any dare given to you.

Oh, and the view of the bustling city from the gym is an another exciting perk too.

2. Pure Barre

If I had to explain barre to someone, I would say that it’s basically a blend of ballet and pilates. Barre is a total body workout that uses isometric movements to make you sore burn fat and tone your figure. While barre may not sound like an extreme workout, you’ll change your mind after a class or two—especially if you take the Platform class. Plus, there aren’t any breaks during the classes, so you’re constantly moving and keeping your heart rate up.

Hours vary across the locations and days of the week, but are broad enough to make it simple to fit into your day—whether it’s every day or just a few times a week.

Pure Barre is known for creating an inspiring and empowering community. Before some of the classes I took, I would listen to other women share their health lifestyles with each other—like a vegan diet or the secret protein smoothie they’ve been drinking everyday for the past six months.

An added perk: Pure Barre studios have super trendy workout clothes—so you can workout and shop all at the same place!

With Pure Barre, you can look cute in your sticky socks and be able to be fierce as ever when your adrenaline kicks in.

3. UFC Gym

You’ve probably heard of the Ultimate Fighting Championship before—also known as UFC—so you be able to guess that this gym is an extension of martial arts. UFC Gym makes training like a world champion easily accessible to any-level athlete (even those of you who don’t even consider yourself an athlete).

According to their website, the gym offers a range of private MMA training, personal and group training, group fitness classes, youth programs, and more. The hours vary depending on the location, however some Signature Clubs are open 24 hours!

UFC Gym prides itself on their dedication to “train different” and provide instant results with their motivating culture. Classes include elements like kickboxing, conditioning, high-intensity interval training, and cardio endurance. Aside from classes, there are other amenities available; cardio equipment, free weights, and an indoor turf area.

UFC Gym is growing rapidly, so don’t worry daredevils, if there isn’t a location near you now, there’s bound to be one soon.

The results you earn from UFC Gym are sure to prepare you for any Nerve-worthy activity.

4. Brooklyn Boulders Chicago

Pushing yourself to risk a fall and climb to new heights is something bound to get your heart racing. Rock climbing is quickly climbing the ropes of popularity according to the Climbing Business Journal. Rock climbing never failed to make me sore at least the very next day. I felt it in my arms, abs, legs, and even fingers (which I didn’t even know was possible).

If you’re ready to take a risk and boulder into a different kind of fitness, don’t worry about trying to book a flight to Arizona or the nearest mountain range because I’ve found a facility right here in Chicago for you to try out; Brooklyn Boulders Chicago.

Brooklyn Boulders Chicago is a rock climbing facility and training center for all-level climbers. If you’re not sure if you’re ready to climb quite yet, don’t be afraid to give Brooklyn a try—they even offer classes such as capoeira, yoga, and acroyoga. Weights and cardio equipment are available too to help you build up your strength.

If climbing is your thing—or you think it could be—you’ll be happy to hear that various types of techniques are available. Bouldering, lead climbing, and top-roping are just a few.

If you visit their website, you’ll quickly see that their goal centers around connecting people on a deep level, inspiring individuals, and fulfilling a “sense of belonging.” As long as you leave the facility inspire, their wish is granted.

The heart-dropping feeling of looking down over your shoulder at the top of a climb is sure to give you an adrenaline rush that is greater than most dares.

Before you go racing off to go raise your heart rate, make sure you enter for your chance to win a Nerve prize pack by clicking here. Winners will be chose by Noon CST on Thursday, July 28th 2016. Good luck!


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