Make Your Liquid Lipstick Last All Day By Applying It This Way

Lipstick has been the one makeup product that I have been in love with since I was a little girl. My mom was never surprised when she would find me with her red lipstick stained all over my face until I was probably 10 years old. As I've gotten older and learned more about makeup, I learned how to apply many different types of lipsticks correctly--and not have them smudged and stained all over my face anymore.

There are many different types of lipsticks--matte, satin, glossy, frosted, sheer, stains, balms, liquid, etc--and most of them are actually applied differently. For instance, when you apply a matte lipstick, it's much more important to make sure your lips are exfoliated and moisturized a few minutes prior that if you used a balm or sheer-finish lipstick because of how it applies and wears. Which leads me to the topic of today: liquid lipstick.

It, like, dries out my lips so bad.

It's so messy. It ends up all over my face.

Mine always comes off after I drink stuff.

If I had a dollar for every time a girl has told me one of those complaints about liquid lipstick, I would be able to buy every single shade of Kat Von D's liquid lipsticks probably four times.

After hearing these things enough and being asked numerous times why I don't have those problems with my liquid lipsticks, I finally decided to write a post on it. In this post, you'll find how I apply liquid lipstick and a few bonus tips.


Much like prior to wearing matte lipsticks, you're going to want to make sure your lips are exfoliated and smooth. Liquid lipstick will always stick to the flaky pieces on your lips if you have them from them being so dry.


Speaking of being dry, liquid lipsticks look best when your lips and moisturized, but don't stay as well. Confusing, I know. So what you're going to want to do is moisturize before you exfoliate. For example, after you brush your teeth, apply a heavy-duty lip balm to your lips. I actually just use coconut oil because it makes my lips super soft and absorbs nicely. Let this soak into your lips while you do all of your makeup besides your lips.

When it's time to do your lips, just start to exfoliate them. It'll be much smoother to exfoliate and you won't have to scrub as much because of all the moisture. When you're done exfoliate, wipe them remaining products off your lips, and you'll have a perfect canvas to get started with!


Lipliner is always a must. Always. There are a few liquid lipsticks I can get away with not using a lipliner with, but lipstick always looks a million times better on lined lips. After you've moisturized and exfoliated, line your lips. You can choose to just line them or fill them in completely; I switch off between what I do, however, if I do need to keep it on the whole day and don't have time to touch it up, I usually will fill in my lips completely with the liner.

Apply 2 Coats

This could be the step that you've been missing. However, this is not the "100 Coats of Liquid Lipstick" challenge. We're only applying two. The key is though, between coats, you have to let it dry completely or else you're literally just going to make it super wet and it'll smudge all over your face. Think of liquid lipstick like nail polish, you need to let each coat dry before applying another. If you smudge it while applying, let it dry, and clean it up after.

Clean Up Mistakes

So when you're sure that everything has dried completely, wait two more minutes because it probably hasn't. After that, go in with a cotton swap that is slightly damped with makeup remover and erase your mistakes. If you get too close to the lip line and accidentally take some of it off, relax, you can just fill that back in with lipliner when you're done.

When you're done with the cotton swap, take some of your foundation and lightly outline your lips to blend your makeup because chances are, you took some of your face makeup off while cleaning up your lipstick. After that, blend the foundation lightly with your finger and go back and set the foundation around your lips with a translucent powder. Using an eyeshadow brush to do this is easiest; I even like to use a blending brush with a light hand.


This is the step that people I talk to never seem to know about. I learned it from the technique that Covergirl uses with the dual-ended lip stains. One side is the lip color, the other is clear lip balm. After the lip color dries, you put on the clear lip balm to put moisture back into your lips. So, the same concept applies to liquid lipstick. About ten minutes after I've cleaned up my liquid lipstick, I apply a light coat of lip balm over it. I like to use my finger to dap the balm over the product to reduce the chance of smudging or removing product.

Tips While Drinking

No matter what you're drinking, use a straw. This will keep your lips from rubbing against the edge of a class and transferring the product.

Let's say you're doing a shot or don't have a straw available though. What you're going to want to do instead is slyly lick the part of the glass where your lip is going to hit. If the edge of the glass is wet, your lipstick won't transfer (at least not as much).

Tips While Kissing

Honestly, even my die-hard favorite liquid lipsticks have come off or smudged while kissing. I wish I could tell you differently, but I can't. My only tip would be to apply a stain to your lips before applying liquid lipstick. This will make it less obvious that the color comes off. But honestly, if you're kissing someone you really like/love, focus on that moment instead of your makeup. You can always reapply afterwards.

I hope this post helped you all out. If you have any questions about liquid lipstick, need any recommendations, or need other tips, feel free to reach out!

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