Light Up Your Fall Wardrobe With These Pants

As the air gets breezier and the nights begin to get crisper, we know that fall is coming. In the Chicago area, fall tends to happen very quickly. One day it’ll be 85 degrees and sunny, then the next morning it’ll be sweater weather.

Sweaters are no big deal to me, however, the one struggle I always have with fall is finding the right pants.

Typically during fall, I live in black leggings, long sleeves, and sweaters. As I’ve began to mature and become a young professional, I’ve realized that maybe leggings won’t be the best choice for pants this fall. But that’s alright, because I’ve found a style of bottoms that I’m positive I’ll be living in this coming season: cigarette pants.

Cigarette pants may look familiar to you. Why? Because the style is from the 50’s—the era I wish I lived in. However, the popular version of this style now includes a more snug fit. Majority of the pants in this style I’ve seen seem to be cut not as high waisted and are more slim through the thigh, which is perfect for allowing your figure to not get lost if you decided to pair them with a chunky sweater like I plan on doing.

Style lately seems to be over the whole belt phase too. So instead of pairing your cigarette pants with a skinny belt, opt for a more tailored waist or those with a fabric tie.

I found my two initial pairs at H&M. I bought both pairs in black. The first pair is about ankle length, rayon, slightly baggy, has an elastic waist band with a tie. The second pair is very similar, except they are more slim cut, a tad longer, and don’t have the tie. So far, I have worn both pairs and I have to say that I do like the tie on the first pair because it allows me to define my waist more, which is my favorite body part to highlight.

When I first bought the cigarette pants, I was skeptical because I wasn’t sure what shoes were going to look right with them. It turns out that a lot of styles look good. Some of my favorites are thick heeled sandals, booties (preferably with a slight heel), standard pumps, and leather ballerina flats (yes, like those Valentino Rockstud flats).

Pairing cigarette pants is simple because as long as your top is tucked in, or is cropped right at the top of the pants, your outfit will look polished. You can make these pants as causal or as dressy as you would like to. I’ve been loving pairing mine with jersey fabric tops.

If there’s anything you should have taken away from this blog post, it’s that you need to go get a pair of cigarette pants. For those of you who are legging-obsessed young professionals, I’m telling you, these are your best option for “real pants.” For trendy, yet affordable cigarette pants, check H&M and Missguided.

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