My Favorite Summer-to-Fall Eyeshadow Palette

There are four seasons and my favorite one starts tomorrow; fall. Not only will the temperature start dropping to that perfect medium between warm and brisk, but fall makeup trends will be blasted full-force.

Deep, dark, delicious lipsticks. Matte, smokey eyes in the richest shades. Perfected peach blushes and bronzers. Mmm. I can't wait for it all.

When fall begins, I usually walk myself into the nearest makeup store and buy way more than I'll be able to put on my face during the season. However, this summer I chose an eyeshadow palette that I knew would carry perfectly into fall: Tarte's Limited-Edition Young, Wild, and Free Amazonian Clay Palette.

Tarte's Young, Wild, and Free eye palette features eight stunning neutral, earthy shades. Throughout August, I wore four of the lighter shades in the palette; Simple Life, Weekend, Lucky Charm, and Party. Simple Life is a matte light beige. Weekend is a light brown shade which has that typical girl-next-door vibe going on. Lucky Charm is a warm champagne shade with a hint of shimmer. Party is an even lighter shade of champagne with a cooler undertone.

If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably seen this look posted already, but here it is again. I used Simple Life all over the lid, blended Weekend into the crease, and popped Party onto the brow bone and inner corner. I used a slightly damp brush to pick up Lucky Charm and placed a tiny bit of it onto the center of my lid for a little extra shine. I thinly lined my top lash line with my Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper in to create a cat-like eye. To finish off the look, I smoked out my lower lash line with Weekend and a lot of black mascara.

The shades that I have been saving for fall use are actually my favorite ones in the palette; Happy Place, Virtue, Dream Team, and Wow. Happy Place is this stunning brown shimmer that has a hint of olive and gold tones. Virtue is a deep olive green/gold shade with a finer and lighter shimmer. Dream Team, my absolute favorite color of them all, is a soft copper shade that will make you feel like you're wearing the makeup version of autumn itself. Wow is an inky chocolate brown shade that will smoke out any look you create. It'll give you that "wow" effect too, you know?

I'll be creating a fall look with those four shades very soon too, so stay tuned!

All of these shades are incredible on their own. The first time I looked at the colors, I immediately thought about the colors of the leaves changing in the fall. What's even better than the colors, are the textures of the shadows (and the slightly sweet smell)! These clay, mineral pigments are so weightless and soft on your eyelids that you won't even feel that they're there. You can intensify the colors and some of the shimmer of the shadows by applying them with a damp brush.

Buy your eyes fall vibes for only $28.

Since I'm a makeup junkie, I'm sure I'll be writing loads of posts soon about all of my favorite fall looks, so keep checking back for those! If there are any certain types of posts you would like to see, feel free to email me or DM me on Instagram!

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