The Thanksgiving Outfits You Need to Wear

I’ve been listening to Christmas music for the past 3 weeks—the holiday season is so close that you can probably smell the peppermint and pine already. But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, we do have Thanksgiving to celebrate too!

I’m not too much of a foodie—and it’s a shameful fact that I’ve chosen to buy shoes instead of groceries in college once or twice—so this post won’t be about the perfect dishes to bring to Thanksgiving (at least this year). Instead, this post is about my favorite accessory to the holidays: the outfit.

Thanksgiving has really changed throughout the years and I’m not really sure what most families do anymore. Prep for Black Friday? Go out of town? Actually have a traditional meal together? I just don’t know. So I’m going to put together a four outfits that I think are versatile for any means of celebration for Thanksgiving.

Sweater Dress & Boots

There is no better outfit in the late fall or early winter than a sweater dress and boots. It’s comfortable, trendy, and can be as casual or formal as you want. My favorite sweater-and-boots combination is a knit, off-the-shoulder sweater dress paired with over-the-knee boots, a delicate chocker necklace, and a messy top knot bun.

Chic Jumpsuit

A well-designed jumpsuit in a neutral color can look extremely chic for the holidays. Jumpsuits are great for when you’re in a rush and don’t want to stress about putting an outfit together. Since it’s one piece, you just have to slip it on and throw on a cute pair of heels. Wearing one that has a cape or special hardware on it makes the look that much more polished.

Swing Dress

For those of my ladies who are foodies—this is the dress for you. You can eat as much as you want without having to worry about a little food baby showing through. This type of dress is loose, soft, and will hide just about anything. I fell in love with this kind of dress when I modeled it for a local boutique called Parker James. You can pick them up just about anywhere at this time of year, but boutiques always seem to have the best designs and cut outs.

Bomber Jacket and Leggings

Okay. Can we talk about Carli Bybel’s collection with Missguided for a second? It’s been out for a few months, but when I saw her satin bomber jackets I totally fell in love with them. They’re edgy and girly at the same time—it’s genius. Anyway, for a more laid back Thanksgiving look, pair black leggings, a fitted tank, a bomber jack, and some flat ankle booties together. You’ll be comfortable, warm, and ready to throw some elbows when you go Black Friday shopping.

That’s it from me for today! I hope you all enjoyed! I would love to see what you end up wearing on Thanksgiving. Feel free to tag me or mention me in your comments on Instagram so I can take a peek!

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