The Three Beauty Items You’d Find If You Stole My Purse

If you stole my purse—which is ironic because it actually happened to me this summer—there are a few things you would find. Aside from normal purse stuff (money, cards, ID, phone, etc), you’d find some beauty goodies too. Typically on a good day, I have my purse stashed up pretty nice. If it’s a larger purse and I haven’t cleaned it out in a week or so, you’ll probably find a whole makeup bag’s worth of products and be able to create day-to-night looks with ease. However, if it’s a clutch, wristlet, or eerily clean purse of mine, you’ll only find a few items; my holy grails.

There’s no feeling in this world worse than dry skin for me. I have pretty normal skin, but sometimes dryness hits like the Atacama Desert (that’s literally the driest place on earth btw—like actually, Google it). Dryness, when it does strike, always gets my hands and lips. I have pretty big lips, so those puckers can get real chapped—hence why I always carry chapstick. Specifically, you’ll probably find with the Dior Creme de Rose Lip Balm because it smells so feminine and beautiful—and is my absolute favorite. If that one isn’t in there, Maybelline’s Baby Lips Lip Balm will be. I always have those in there because if I lose my lipstick, I can always line my lips, then apply the chapstick over it and make my own little DIY long-lasting lip color. I try to keep lotion in my purse, but sometimes it just doesn’t make the cut with wristlets, you know?

Next thing you should look for in my purse is lipliner. There will be anywhere from one to eleven in my bag. Colourpop, MAC, Chanel, NYX—you name it, it’s in there. Why? My lips are my favorite feature to try different makeup looks on, so lipliner is one of the most important products for me. Plus, I always feel pulled together when my lips are done. I’m not too picky when it comes to lip liners either (lipsticks are a different story though). For me, my MAC liners work just as well as the $2 Jordana ones you can pick up at Walgreens. As long as you know how to apply it well, you’ll be just fine. Lipliner always makes it into my purses because they’re so slim and if I need to touch up on the go, I can apply a little to the spot I need to, apply a bit of chapstick over it, blend it a little, and ta-da—I’m done!

Pssst…You can read why lipliner is a necessity if you click right here!

I started putting perfume in all of my purses by accident. How did this happen? Well, I spend way too much money on makeup. If you buy as much makeup as I do, you know that you end up with a billion makeup, beauty, and perfume samples. So when I would go to try out the little sample, I would take it with me for the day in case I wanted to reapply or someone asked me what smell it was. After awhile, I would forget to take them out of my purses and they would all end up at the bottom of my bags.

As soon as I found a perfume that I call my “signature perfume,” I realized that I wanted to have this one with me too all the time. Instead of carrying the huge bottle with me, I bought myself a mini atomizer from Sephora (which is basically like a refillable sample-size perfume bottle that you fill up from your larger one). Now I typically carry my “signature perfume” with me, but I still have some sample ones in my purse too.

Now you know that if you ever steal my purse (btw please don’t—having to replace everything, especially a phone, is a pain and a half) you’ll find some of my ride or die beauty products inside.

P.S. I love you all for reading this whole post and actually caring about what’s in my purse. Let me know what products have made their home in your bag!

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