The 12 Days of Blogmas

Break out the candy canes, Michael Bublé Christmas songs, pine-scented candles, and sparkly everything—it's finally December!

I absolutely love the holidays! They are fast-paced, festive, and full of excitement and generosity. You many not know this, but while I love blogging year-round, my favorite time to blog is during the holidays.

I enjoy holiday blogging so much that I actually have a little present for my readers this year.

If you follow my blog frequently, you might notice that I usually post once a week on Wednesdays. However, since it's the Christmas season and all, I'm feeling extra generous this month. Instead of posting once a week, the entire month of December I'll be posting three times per week—Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!

12 posts, 1 month.

This month, I'm bringing a whole variety of posts to you. Holiday makeup looks for every occasion, a holiday gift guide for everyone in your life, how-to's on totally slaying NYE, and so many more!

I hope you all are having a wonderful start to your month so far. I look forward to talking to you guys for the first post of this month-long series on Monday the 5th!

Until then, stay beautiful!

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