Dressing for the Holidays: Work Party

One of the occasions I constantly get asked for advice on is how to dress for work parties.

Can you look sexy?

Are sparkles acceptable?

Can you wear a sleeveless top?

What should you wear?

The answer to all of those questions is: it depends.

I know, that's not the most incredibly helpful answer, but it's true. Each work environment is different. If you work in an office and have to wear a pantsuit everyday, I wouldn't recommend showing up to the holiday cocktail party in an all-sequin mini dress. If you work for a tech company that allows you to wear t-shirts and jeans everyday, you may be able to shimmy into that faux leather mini skirt & long sleeve v neck without getting side-eye during your boss' toast.

Though each type of career is different, I do have a few general tips that may help you decide how big of a risk you should (or shouldn't) take.

  • Stick to neutral colors—or holiday colors.

  • Only show one goodie at a time.

  • Wear close-toed shoes.

  • Avoid full-glam by only focusing on your hair or your makeup.

  • Make sure your nails are done.

  • No cleavage.

  • Don’t wear it if you wouldn’t wear it to meet your significant other’s parents.

  • Avoid ugly Christmas sweaters (save those for casual Friday).

  • If you’re in doubt, don’t wear it.

  • Dress up more than you would in the office.

Over the weekend, I attended a work party. The company's dress code is typically dressy-casual for those who work in the office. I ended up wearing a black halter jumpsuit from H&M, black heeled Guess booties, and a small black Rebecca Minkoff purse. I kept the focus on my makeup and tossed my hair into a casual yet polished top knot. I chose to go for warm-toned neutral eye shadows with a hint of shimmer on the lid, a golden highlight, bronzed contour, a light blush, and a warm-toned nude lip.

Jumpsuits and midi sweater dresses are two types of outfits that I feel are guaranteed appropriate for most holiday work parties. They are trendy, simple, chic, and versatile in how much, or little, you want to dress them up.

I hope this post helped you get an idea of what to wear to your job's holiday party. Stay tuned for the next look in this series!

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