Workplace Style Inspired By 'Miss Sloane'

Let's face it: there's a silent rumor out there about successful women not caring much about their appearance. It's not true. Though many powerful women may put many hours of overtime into their work to achieve such success, that doesn’t mean that those same women don’t put time into their style.

One example of a stylish, established woman is Elizabeth Sloane in the new film Miss Sloane. In the film, a few of the first things besides Miss Sloane’s knowledge and strength viewers may notice are her outfits. Her many ensembles throughout the movie possess a chic, yet sophisticated look. Sloane’s wardrobe is decorated with many key pieces that are must-haves for any boss babe that wants to remain stylish.

Below are just a few of the items that are perfect for creating the best Monday-Friday looks inspired by the film.

Collared Dress

In the movie, Elizabeth wears many collared shirts—and well as dresses. There’s no better way to combine the two styles than with a collared to-the-knee dress. By adding a collared dress to your wardrobe, you not only give yourself a preppy, sophisticated piece, but an easy option for those mornings when you’re running behind because you were up late working the night before. No one would ever guess with a dress like this, a pair of pumps, and a swipe of red lipstick.

Cowl Neck Dress

A shirt or dress with a cowl neck is almost guaranteed to flatter any woman. It gives you a hint of sexiness, but is still conservative enough to wear to the office. Pair this kind of dress with your power heels and a blazer, and you’re ready to take on any meeting or presentation. Elizabeth wore a grey cowl neck dress in the film which is a great alternative to the standard LBD, but don’t be afraid to play around with other hues like navy or red.

Sheath Dress

Every. Woman. Needs. To. Own. A. Sheath. Dress. If there is any type of dress a career-driven woman needs, it’s this one. Sheath dresses are perfect for any occasion—and definitely look cute for after-hour cocktails. Sheath dresses are universally flattering and undeniably classy. Be inspired by Miss Sloane and add a bold pump for a pop of color!


Before you roll your eyes, I promise you that blazers can actually look cute. If the blazer is made out of a good material, has a flattering cut, and is tailored to your body, you’re going to look amazing. Those three things make a world of difference. Although it seems to be the big trend right now, you don’t have to wear your blazer as a pantsuit. Pair it with a skirt, dress, or even some cigarette trousers! The possibilities are endless with blazers, you just have to find the right one for you.

Cut Out Midi

Midi-skirts and dresses are absolutely crazy trendy this year and it looks like they’re here to stay! There are so many different styles of midi skirts, but the dress Elizabeth wore in the movie was style goals. Cut outs, caged details, and mesh panels give any work dress or skirt a sultry vibe. This skirt by Alexander Wang is my favorite at the moment, but there are tons out there!

For more work-appropriate style inspiration, make sure you go see the movie Miss Sloane—it comes out December 9th! Thank you all for reading. Stay motivated and don’t forget to have a wonderful rest of your day!

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