6 Shiny Gifts for Highlighter-Obsessed Friends

Highlighter is your best friend’s holy-grail makeup item. You’ve never seen her without her glow, and honestly, it’d be weird if you did. Besides a refill on her never-ending supply of highlighters, you might have been stuck on what to get this friend for the holidays—or even their birthday. Fortunately, we’ve found 6 gifts that she just might love even more than her Champagne pop.

Glitter Phone Case

Kate Spade is my go-to store when I’m looking for glittery accessories. From clutches to Keds, you’ll definitely be able to find something sparkly for your friend. If she’s a techie, go ahead and grab her a new phone case. She loves taking selfies of when she has her “highlighter on fleek” so why not get her a pretty case to hug her phone while she does it?

Sparkle Makeup Case

Since you know that she already owns basically every highlighter you could imagine, think about getting her a super-cute makeup bag to hold them—or at least some—in! Sephora always has these clever makeup clutches that are perfect for travel. There are a ton to choose from with sayings that you can totally picture your sassy, but lovable friend saying.

Party Kit

If she’s a socialite who loves celebrating any occasion, gift her a Cocktail Party Kit from Paris 312 so she can always be ready to throw a party of her own. Adorable plates, napkins, straws (& flags!), and sparkly drink stirrers come in this set. For a more extravagant option, create her a party box on the website.

P.S. You’ll totally swoon when you see the big Boheminne balloons with foil tassels. I mean, talk about Pinterest perfection.

One Hope Glittered Wine Bottle

Are you ready for this one? GLITTER WINE. Need I say more? Choose from Brut, Chardonnay, or Pinot Noir. Or just get them all.

"My Burberry" Perfume

Besides the fact that this perfume smells amazing, let’s just take a moment to realize that the "My Burberry" limited edition version has glitter in it. Like actually little gold glitters. Not only will your friend smell incredible, but she’ll have a beautiful little decoration for her vanity too. Best Friend of the Year award is going to you for this one.

Fragrant Jewels Bath Bomb

This is a gift inspired by one my mom gave me (thanks mom!). My mom recently got me

a sugar body scrub that had a ring inside and it was literally the cutest thing. For a friend, I’d recommend the bath bomb—they have so many options. After you get the ring out of your gift (they have scrubs, candles, etc.) you’ll see a code attached to it. You go online, type in that code, and see if you’ve won a ring worth up to $10,000. Either way, it’s a ton of fun and the rings are actually pretty gorgeous.

Thank you so much for reading everyone! I hope you’re having a great holiday month. Check back Wednesday for another holiday post!

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