Tips to Make Any Pair of Pumps Painless

If you’re anything like me, you buy shoes like it’s no one’s business. You have everything from gold metallic strappy platform heels to stud-adorned flats. Special events, cocktail hours, and celebrations are your favorite occasions because it means that you get to wear one of your many pairs of on-trend shoes without looking “too extra” for daily activities.

However, we’ve all had that night when you totally slaying your look—from your curled locks to your freshly-polished pedicure—but suddenly can’t even bear the thought of wearing your gorgeous pumps for a minute longer. You’re sliding around in your shoes and are pretty positive that you have 4 blisters on your feet already. You know that beauty is pain, but when you’re at that point, it’s too much. You might not even care if you turn into the girl in the club without shoes on (ew).

Luckily for you all, I’ve worn heels dozens of times and have had more of those nights than I’m proud to admit. Instead of letting a little pain scare me away from wearing heels, I learned about tricks and tips for making the most uncomfortable—but adorable—shoes bearable for the night. There’s no need to take a walk in my shoes to learn my lessons—just simply read this post!

Haute Heels

by Hollywood Fashion Secrets

Hollywood Fashion Secrets is one of my favorite companies ever. The company was created to prevent wardrobe malfunctions and they honestly have the best quality products for doing so. As far as feet go, I can not praise this product enough. It’s basically a primer for your foot. You spray it on your feet (like hairspray), let it dry completely, then put on your shoes. It makes a barrier between your feet and the fabric of your shoes. This pretty much means that the fabric isn’t rubbing directly on your skin, making it irritated. Instead, it’s rubbing against the dried spray.

You may need to reapply this during your night out, but if you buy the value pack, it comes with a mini one that fits perfectly inside of a clutch. Plus, when you make new BFF’s in the bathroom, you can share it with them if you see a girl suffering from the same shoe pain problem you’ve had before while you’re waiting for your touch-up to dry.

Strappy Strips

by Foot Petals

While I absolutely love a sexy pair of sky-high, strappy heels, I don’t love when the straps start rubbing on the tops, sides, and back of my feet. It’s painful and the redness is far from cute. Foot Petals figured out a solution to this problem. They created adhesive strip cushions for you to put anywhere you’d like on your shoes. Personally, I find that placing them on the heel and side straps work wonders, but it all depends on the pair of shoes and where the discomfort is for you.

P.S. If you have feet that sweat easily, you’ll love these. Whenever I wear them, even if I’m wearing them around at a pool party, they stay dry. I don’t know how, but it just works.

Sole Stopperz

by Foot Petals

Dang Foot Petals, back at it again with the feet saving products.

If you know me, you know I’m a Grade A Clutz. I slip, fall, and trip on a daily basis—whether I’m barefoot or not. Sole Stopperz have probably actually saved my life. What these do is add traction to your shoes so then you don’t slip. It’s like adding adhesive sandpaper to the bottom of your shoes. It’s super simple, but it’s genius. They come in black and clear—I usually just stock up on the clear ones—and all you do is take off the backing and stick it to the sole of your shoe. You don’t even have to worry about messing it up because you won’t see it when you’re walking or standing.

I add these to almost all of my heels. I never know what kind of surface I’ll be walking on—marble and hardwood floors are a little b*tch in heels—so I just stick these to the bottom to stay on the safe, unembarrassed side.

Ball of Foot Cushions

by Dr. Scholl’s

Athletes know how important having your arches supported are. Dancers—like myself—know how important it is to take care of the ball of your foot. When I was on my dance team in college, we were constantly putting pressure on the balls of our feet. Landing, jumping, spinning—you know name it, we did it. During the weekends however, my team members and I always wanted to go out, and I always wanted to wear heels. After being on the balls of my feet for so long during practices and performances, I wanted to be comfortable, which is when I found Dr. Scholl’s cushions for the balls of feet.

These cushions are little gel-like pads that you place inside of your shoe where the ball of your foot would be. All you do is wipe the inside of your shoe so it’s clean, remove the backing, and stick it to your shoe. It makes any pair of heels super comfortable and pain-free.

Spray Adhesive/Butt Glue

I competed in a pageant and throughout the whole competition and preparation, I learned a lot. I learned about myself, current events, interviewing, posing, walking, and of course, beauty tips. One of the tips I picked up was that butt glue can be used for just about anything. Butt glue is basically just a spray adhesive, the one most of us used was called Firm Grip.

If your shoes are too big on you, spray the bottom on your feet with butt glue/spray adhesive, wait until it feels tacky or sticky, then put your heels on. I’m not sure why this trick works as well as it does, but why question a good thing? This glue/adhesive isn’t just for keeping your bikini in place, or your feet from sliding in your shoes. It also helps stop nylons run and dress straps stay in place!

That's all for today! I hope this post helps you all enjoy your gorgeous pumps without the pain. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me. I look forward to writing for you guys next Wednesday!

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