Mastering the Careless Cuff

If you're looking to give off that polished yet chic, I-just-threw-this-on feel with your outfit, the careless cuff is what you'll need.

Loosely cuffing your jacket sleeves or even the ankles of your pants (or both!) can instantly give you cool-girl vibes. It takes literally 30 seconds and can change any overly polished look into a relaxed sophisticated one. Personally, my style has been evolving to chase after the "off-duty model" look, so learning how to fold the hems of my sleeves was an absolute must for me.

The sleeves of a jacket are probably the easiest ones to cuff. Simply fold back the edge of the sleeve once, and then scrunch it up your arm until you have a 3/4 sleeve effect. Scrunching back the material will loosen up the sleeves and effortlessly gather the material above the cuff and at the elbow, which still allows for the shape of the upper part of your arm and your wrist to be shown. If you have slender arms, you'll love this trick because it will show off your shape which can be lost in the sleeves at times.

The jacket I chose for this look is by Fashion Union. It's called the Petite Tailored Jacket in the color brown. It's a warm rust color and is absolutely timeless.

Cuffing the ankles of my pants has been something that I struggled with for a long time. For petite women like myself, we try our best to lengthen our legs to look a little taller, and sometimes, cuffing the hems of our pants and exposing our ankles can make us look even shorter. The trick to still keeping your legs looking long is finding pants that are supposed to be ankle length and folding them up once. Ankle length pants are usually a bit looser at the ankle, so when you fold them up, they highlight the slimness of your ankle when you walk.

A bit of exposed ankle tricks the eye into thinking that your legs are slightly longer than the pants, making you look taller. Add a heeled bootie or a pair of pumps and you'll add even more length to your legs. I like to either pick a shoe the same color of the pants or nude in order to create an illusion of height and give a more smooth look.

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