Early Springtime Stripes

Chicago has been teased with spring weather over the last few weeks. A few beautiful, sunshine-filled days and day-jacket weather has made most of us hopeful that maybe, just maybe, the groundhog would be wrong this year.

Spring and fall are my favorite seasons, so naturally, I’ve been excited and inspired since our first 50-degree day of 2017. One of my favorite items I can’t wait to break out are crop tops. As I’ve been getting older, I’ve been really drawn to the look of longer crop tops that either hit right at my waist, or a little bit below.

The one I’ve been really loving lately is this striped one from Express. It’s quite boxy, but it’s extremely cute to pair with joggers or harem pants and a pair of booties. It’s such an easy outfit to throw on for brunch or running errands. It looked pulled together, but still has that effortless touch to it.

I absolutely love the pants I paired with it too. I wear these pants so much because they work for almost any occasion—work, parties, castings, etc. The fabric is very thin, but not sheer in any way. The cut is very loose, yet fitted enough to give you a little bit of shape. The drawstring on these pants makes them extremely practical for those who have tiny waists too! I got them at H&M last summer, but I’m sure you can find ones like them anywhere.

To really keep this look effortlessly chic, feel free to throw your hair into a ponytail. It’ll feel good to get it out of your face, and exposing your neck will allow you to create the illusion of a longer, leaner silhouette.

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