Washed, Cut, & Blown

I want long, beautiful, healthy hair.

I want to be able to run my fingers through it without them getting caught in tangles (you know it happens to you too), have strangers compliment it on days I didn’t even style it, and just have it grow down to my waist.

A few months ago, I thought that just clipping my hair extensions in a handful of times a week would satisfy me until my hair grew out. But then I realized that it doesn’t grow fast and it could either be because my hair just grows slow (extremely likely), or that my mom was right—I really do need a trim. I convinced myself that both were the problem.

Last month, I got serious about wanting to get signed with a talent/modeling agency and decided that if I want my hair to grow and look healthy, I would need to trim it. If I’m lucky enough to get signed, I would probably be asked to get it trimmed after all.

It’s important to note that every single time I’ve gotten my hair cut in the past, I’ve cried like a baby when I got home. You could say I don’t do well with change. Anyway…

I booked myself a hair appointment at Mario Tricoci and decided to bite the bullet and just go for it. Lobs are totally in now anyway, right? If I had to get a lot of length cut off at least I’d be trendy.

I walked into the salon with more confidence than I thought I’d ever have before getting my hair cut. A few minutes after I checked in, a kind woman took me back to wash my hair and check my coat. She talked to me about her personal life and cracked some jokes—which really helped because my nerves were totally settling in at that point.

After my hair was clean and smelling like heaven, the woman showed me to a black seat and said my stylist would be with me any minute. I sat in the chair and the nerves began to kick back in, but this time, I was almost excited.

Soon enough, my stylist came and asked what we were doing with my hair. Since I absolutely adore Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s new hair cut, I showed him three pictures for inspiration. He immediately understood the look I was going for. We chatted a little about my hair—mostly that I wanted to grow it out and haven’t gotten it cut since I was a model in a hair show two years prior (oops!)—and he started sectioning and slicing.

25 minutes later, I was cut, blown, styled, and walking out of the salon. I absolutely loved my new haircut—which is something I never, ever thought I’d say. The best part? It was totally painless and the whole process was less than 35 minutes. Basically, it was magical.

Now, a month later, my hair feels way healthier and I feel like it’s growing. I think part of it has to do with the trim, but I’ve also been taking my vitamins regularly. I’m so excited to have silky hair again and see it grow already. Plus, now that I have some layers in my hair and it’s not all dead, I can actually let my hair dry naturally and be able to put less heat on it.

The point of me sharing this with you is to: one, mention my new hair cut (of course), and two, to inspire those of you who might relate and/or have a fear of getting your hair cut. I promise that as long as you go to a good salon with stylists that listen to you (and you listen to them) and keep an open mind about change, you’ll have a great experience and be on your way to healthy hair.

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