A Petite Woman's Guide to A-Line Skirts

If you’re more on the petite side, then you probably already know that there are just certain clothing items that are very tricky to wear. One of them in particular: a-line skirts.

The shape of an a-line skirt can make your waist look itty-bitty and your legs look leaner. While a-line skirts are often times said to be “universally flattering,” petite women like myself know it to be a little less true.

On petite women, a-line skirts can be a little bit fussy to style. Typically either you get a shorter length skirt and look like a child, or you buy a longer one and look like you’re swimming in fabric. So what’s a girl to do?

The first step is to find the a-line skirt that you feel comfortable in. Personally, I tend to go for shorter hems on my clothing. I think shorter hems make my legs look longer, therefore making me look taller. If you’re someone that doesn’t like to show a lot of leg, that’s totally fine too! Finding a skirt that maybe hits right at your knees might be a little more comfortable for your personal taste. For petite women, I wouldn’t recommend wearing a-line midi skirts. In my opinion, tinier women tend to get lost in all of the excess fabric and lose their shape quickly.

The second step is to pair it with a loose blouse or chunky-looking sweater. This will give it more of a sophisticated look. If you simply pair your a-line skirt with a tank top, you may end up looking like a 90’s teenager. I’ve really found that the shirt choice matters a lot when it comes to a-line skirts. You can to choose something loose, but not too much so where you lose your figure. Tucking in the blouse and pairing it with a neutral-colored waist belt can work wonders for this look.

To finish off the look, I like to accessorize with a pair of low to medium height heels. Ballet flats or flat booties may give the outfit an adolescent look. If you are wearing the skirt with tights, I highly recommend staying away from colored options. Neutrals will create more balance in the look and allow it to look more professional than youthful.

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