LipSense Review: Everything-Proof Lip Color

I love wearing lipsticks, lip stains, liquid lipsticks, or any type of lip color. A bold-colored pout paired with full lashes and touched-up brows is what you’ll typically find me sporting nearly every day of the week. With that being said, finding a lip color that lives up to my everyday standards isn’t always the easiest to come across.

However, a couple weeks ago I was contacted by a LipSense Independent Distributor who was kind enough to send me LipSense to try out. Like with any product, travel experience, or anything, I took time to write this post to give you all my honest opinion and thoughts on this product. She sent me a starter collection; color, clear moisturizing gloss, and remover. The color she sent me was Red Cherry—a beautiful red with brown undertones. For comparison, it’s a similar color to Buxom’s San Francisco or Rimmel London’s Heart Breaker.

LipSense is a lip color that is kiss-proof, budge-proof, smudge-proof, and even waterproof! It lasts anywhere from 4 to 18 hours. Honestly, at first I thought it would be like any of the other long-wearing lip colors. I predicted that it would stay on perfectly for 2 hours, then start to peel and wear away—I was so wrong. Here’s what I found during my first experience with LipSense…


When you apply the LipSense color, you’re supposed to shake the color well, then apply it to bare lips in three thin layers, letting the layers dry for a few seconds in between. I found that you really do need the three layers to get the true color and evenness. I applied mine by first tracing the outside of my lips like you would with lipliner, then applied the layers. The applicator is a doe foot applicator, so it glides the color smoothly and evenly. I advise to keep your mouth slightly open when applying because for me it was a bit tacky and made my lips stick together a little when it wasn’t dry. The smell of the lip color is a bit strong and almost similar to rubbing alcohol. For me, the scent of products don’t really bother me, so I didn’t consider it a downfall at all (plus, the results were more than worth it).

After I applied the three layers and let them dry, I applied the clear LipSense gloss. I’ve never really been a gloss person, but the LipSense gloss isn’t sticky at all—it actually feels like the Baby Lips Lip Balm—but is still super shiny and beautiful. After seeing how shiny and comfortable the gloss is, I actually am really into it now. I think I might pick up LipSense in a nude shade for Spring. I'm thinking either Bravo or Cappuccino. It would be very pretty for those of you who may be going on vacation to a tropical place too (reminder: it’s waterproof!). The LipSense gloss is the only touch up you need—if you want. I recommend just carrying around the gloss with you. When the clear gloss wore off, the color made my lips feel a bit dry, but never cracked or faded.


I applied my LipSense color and gloss at about 10am. I went through a shift at work (about 6 hours) with only reapplying the clear gloss once around 2pm. I ate oatmeal, drank coffee and water, and talked to many people without the color even appearing to fade. After work, I decided to see if the lip color would be workout-proof too. A treadmill run, elliptical bike ride, and light body weight workout later, my lip color still looked like it did when I applied it. At this point, I was really impressed. I decided to shower after my workout and my lip color stayed on through the whole thing. I used the remover the starter collection came with to take the product off—it came off smoothly and effortlessly with no tint left on my lips or skin.

I got re-ready after my shower and did my hair and makeup over again. I figured the LipSense would have stayed on even if I hadn’t taken it off, but I was having a mini date night later on and wanted to be extra fresh and clean. When I finished getting ready and applied the LipSense for the second time, it was about 7pm. I applied it the same way as before and was ready for the night.

Removal & Results

To spare you all the details, let me just tell you that LipSense is absolutely, 100% date-night proof. It will not come off, budge, or transfer whatsoever—even with kisses! At midnight, I decided to take off the LipSense for the second time since I was going to bed. I forgot to bring the remover with me, but I figured it would be fine because I had a makeup wipe.

It turns out that you do actually need the remover to take off LipSense easily. Without the remover, I had to scrub my lips with a makeup wipe and toothbrush to get the product off. It was both humorous and impressive at the same time.

I tried out LipSense a few more times since the first day I shared with you all. I’ve had the same experience every time. The longest trial I’ve had with the product was 16 hours—it lasted from 7am to 11pm with a 9 hour shift at work and only three clear gloss touch ups in-between. The product really doesn’t wear away or transfer. Sometimes you might accidentally lick or wipe away the clear gloss, but the color doesn’t come with it at all. It’s crazy.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I totally love this product! Since I’m a harsh critic when it comes to lip products (especially those without liners), I really didn’t expect to like it as much as I do. It’s staying power is incredible and the clear gloss makes it super comfortable. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone. I’m someone who needs to have long-wearing makeup on a daily basis and this product, even though I’ve only tried it a few times, is one of my must-haves now. LipSense is one of those lip products that is totally worth the money. The only downfall is that I wish I would have been introduced to this product sooner!

If you all want me to do an Instagram story with updates on LipSense throughout the day, let me know and I’ll be happy to do it for you so you can see for yourself. If you have any questions or concerns, let me know!

I unfortunately don’t think you can buy LipSense in stores, but you can find it online through Google or you can use this link from the woman who sent me mine.

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