6 Quick and Easy Fixes To Look More Toned For the Weekend

It’s your friend’s birthday next weekend and everyone’s going out. All your girls will be rocking their crop tops, bodysuits, and LBDs—and it’d be weird if you didn’t too.

But there’s one little issue: you don’t look as toned as you hoped you’d be.

It’s okay, we’ve all been there. So before you put that glamorous beaded mini dress away, read this post—you might just find the perfect fix to have your confidence boosted and your body faux-toned by Friday.

1. Stop Drinking Your Calories

Most of your calorie-heavy drinks also come with carbonation, added sugars, and just about anything else that could cause you to look bloated. Water will be your best friend during this week if you want to beat bloating. Plus, when your body is hydrated properly, it makes your skin look so much healthier—it’s like an added glow that your highlighter can’t replicate.

Personally, I’ve found that added lemon to water has helped even more so with getting rid of bloating. I’m a big fan of detox waters and they’ve worked well for me in the past. Look some up on Pinterest and get to hydrating.

2. Grab a Glow

I don’t know if there’s any actual science behind it, but whenever I have a slight tan (or look like a full-blown bronze goddess), my confidence skyrockets through the roof. In addition to my confidence being boosted when I have a bit of color, I tend to look more toned and slim.

So my little quick tip here? Get a tan. Hit up the tanning bed a handful of times, or opt for a sunless tan ala spray tan or self-tanner. I’ve been using Vita Liberata’s pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tinted Tan Mousse and it’s been one of my favorites lately.

3. Get on Your Toes

As silly as it might sound, in order to give my legs a last-minute tone session, I walk around on my toes for a few minutes each day. Sometimes I do a mini round of calf-raises too. This is usually a fix that I do 2-3 days before I go out. I’ll do 50 before bed each night.

Right before I slip on my heels for the night-of, I’ll do 100 calf raises just to get the muscle more defined and make my legs look a little bit more toned.

4. Add In a Crunch-Session

Doing a few quick reps of abs will get your muscles to pop more. For me personally, my obliques make me look most toned when they’re more apparent. Before slipping into my crop top, I’ll do a little set of Russian twists and suddenly it looks like I had been working out all month.

Each body is different, so find out what makes your body look most toned and then find exercises to target that area specifically.

5. Don’t Forget to Contour

When most people gain or lose weight, the first place you see it is usually in their face. When you’re trying to fake a more toned look, apply the same concept. If you chisel out your face slightly—I repeat: slightly—you give the illusion that the rest of you is slimmed down a bit.

For an added contour option, brush a highlighter along your collarbones and shoulders.

6. Absolutely Wear Heels

I don’t care if you’re six foot tall, if you want to look toned ASAP, you better be throwing on your heels. I’ve noticed that when it comes to looking long and lean, the higher the heel, the better. However, if you can’t walk great in heels, wedges can be a substitute to still give you a toned look.

Of course these fixes won’t do miracles or help you drop 10 pounds by the weekend, but these tips have helped me so many times over the years. If you’re in pretty good shape, but just need a couple extra tone sessions sometimes like me, these will definitely work for you. I hope this post was helpful. Like always, if you have any questions, please let me know!

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