Here's One Way You Can Afford Designer Items Without Going Broke

Let’s talk about luxury.

Growing up, I would binge-watch Sex and the City episodes with my mom. One character I always related to was Carrie Bradshaw—a shoe-obsessed, city-loving, freelance writer.

Carrie always had these amazing pieces—from unique pairs of designer shoes to statement-making purses. Seeing her mix these high-end labels with everyday, trendy pieces made me lust after the polished effect designer pieces had on any outfit. But some of those price tags are still far out of my reach.

Which bring me to today’s post.

This post is about a new company called DesignerShare.


DesignerShare does exactly what you think: allows you to share designer pieces. It’s a peer-to-peer marketplace that allows women to rent their designer pieces to one another. When I first heard of DesignerShare, I thought of it as a more personal Rent-the-Runway-esque service for everyday use.

However, it’s much different than Rent-the-Runway. With DesignerShare, lenders own their inventory instead of the company owning all of the items. DesignerShare ensures the items are kept in proper condition by delivering the items personally. It’s is a marketplace platform that connects users! It’s like sharing your closet with your friends—but you get to make money or borrow the item for an affordable price!

I spoke with Sarah Perkins, the CEO and Co-Founder of DesignerShare recently to learn more about her start of the company and her mission. She mentioned that she wants all women to have the chance to wear luxury items and feel confident. As we chatted, Sarah talked about how men can constantly wear the same suit (and look great, of course!), but as women, we have a higher pressure to keep up with trends and have new items. I can totally relate to her point—I don’t even remember the last time I wore any of my cocktail dresses more than once.

Part of Sarah’s vision for DesignerShare is for it to grow into a company that allows connections to be made with other women. It would be amazing for a renter and lender to talk about the items and how they styled the pieces in their own ways!

How It Works

DesignerShare is one of the more straight-forward sites I've used in a long time. There are no demanding emails you have to sign up for, pushy subscriptions, or super confusing and intimidating contracts. Here's how it basically works:

  • You sign up on DesignerShare’s site and create a profile. You can be a renter, lender, or both!

  • From there, you add the pieces you want to your wardrobe—if you plan on lending (there’s plenty of space for comments, details, and price points).

  • When you go to request a rental, you simply select the time period you want it for and wait to be approved for the rental request (don’t worry—the lender will approve it before your payment is accepted!).

  • After you’ve been approved, DesignerShare sets up a time to pick up the piece from the lender and deliver it to the renter! It’s super personal; I absolutely love this aspect about DesignerShare! I admire this from both a lender and renter prospective. There's no worrying about misplacement or the item getting stolen!

  • Once the renter is done with the items, a DesignerShare representative picks up the item, gets it dry cleaned (if it’s a clothing item), and brings it back to the lender!

  • When all is said and done, the lender get’s 75% of the weekly price she asks for, and DesignerShare keeps 25%! It’s a quick (and painless!) way to make money on those pieces you have tucked away in your closet, and allow them to be shared with other women.

My Experience

DesignerShare was gracious enough to offer me two rentals in order for me to get a taste of their service. How else would I be able to introduce this incredible company to you? So far, the first item I chose to rent were Givenchy Black Leather Peeptoe Feather Booties.

Before I get too far into this post, let me just tell you how gorgeous these shoes are. They’re black leather, peeptoe heeled booties with stunning black feathers surrounding the ankle. I wore them with a LBD to get drinks with a friend and I caught so many people checking out my shoes. I felt incredibly confident and chic. They’re the type of shoe that is perfect for nights out in the city or cocktail hour. Pops for Champagne, J. Parker, The Violet Hour, and Pump Room are all places I would not even think twice about wearing these booties to.

Now, back to business…

It was very easy for me to set up a profile on DesignerShare. I created my profile, searched the site for my first rental item, and then requested it. From there, I was directed to a payment page where I entered my credit card information, details where to drop off the item (there’s a section for times and comments as well), and within the hour, my rental was approved. The very next day my rental was dropped off safely to the location I chose.

I still have another week with these booties before they’re picked up, so I plan on hitting the city again! I’m deciding on what I want my next rental to be, but I couldn’t wait to share this post with you all.

For updates on my experience with DesignerShare and to see my next rental, make sure you’re keeping up with me on Instagram (@tiffanymariegabriel)!

Let me know if you have any questions! I’d love to see which items you chose to lend or rent! Who knows, maybe you’ll see some of mine up there in the future.

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