My Summer Bronzing Routine

Having beautiful tanned skin and hair kissed by a mist of salt water is what I look forward to each summer. I love being bronze and rocking my white dresses, gold jewelry, and every bikini I own.

However, I don’t like to damage my skin. I am an absolute freak about skin care.

Over the years, I’ve tried countless self-tanners. Most of the ones I liked have either faded in a few days, or look patchy and dry when they start to come off. Recently, I found myself wandering around in Sephora.

When I happened to stumble across Vita Liberata on the shelf, I of course took interest. I’m a sucker for packaging, so I was drawn in immediately to the luxurious-looking box. When I read “2-3 Week Tan Mousse” on the package, you better believe I took it off the shelf in less than 2 seconds. Admittedly, I thought that a self tanner that lasts 2-3 weeks seemed sketchy, but I’ve been using it for over a month now and it lives up to it’s packaging.

Vita Liberata is an Irish based-self tanning company. You might have heard of this brand a few years ago when they created an odourless tan. What I really like about the company is that they use ingredients that are natural and organic. You won’t find alcohol, perfume, parabens, harsh chemicals, or any of that weird stuff in their self tanners. They formulate their products to be hydrating and long lasting, but still provide a generous amount of natural color.

I personally have been using the pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan Mousse in “Dark.”

My self-tanning routine is simple:

Step One: I exfoliate, shave, and wash my body in the shower. Then I get out and towel dry my body.

Step Two: After about 5 minutes, I apply a light moisturizer to my elbows, knees, face, ankles, and hands. I let this soak in for 30 minutes.

Step Three: I put on a tanning mat and start applying the mousse. I always pump the tanner into the mit and then rub it onto my skin in big circular motions. I start with my legs and work my way up my body.

Step Four: After I’m done applying the tanner to my entire body (aside from my feet, ankles, hands, and face), I take an old, clean makeup brush and put a tiny bit of mousse on it. From there, I brush the product onto my feet, ankles, hands, and face in order to get light, even coverage.

Step Five: Even through the tanner dries quickly, I still let it soak in for about 15 minutes before putting clothes on.

Step Six: After the tanner has soaked in for at least 8 hours, I will rinse it off. Typically, I apply my tanner at night, so I just end up showering in the morning, but as long as you wait 8 hours, you can wash it off. The longer you let it soak in, the deeper the color you’ll be. This is a tanner that you need to layer over the course of a few days, as the first day will only give you a sheer glow.

Step Seven: I repeat steps 3 through 6 every 2 days for one week in order to achieve a deeper tan. After 3 weeks, the tanner seems to naturally fade on it’s own without making you look spotty or uneven.

Overall, I know Vita Liberata can be a more expensive self-tanner, but the quality is worth it. I am a big advocate for using healthy products on your skin, so this one is a product I feel is worth splurging on. It leaves you with the perfect luxurious, sun-kissed glow for summer without compromising your skin’s condition.

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