A New Direction

As you might have been able to tell by my posts — and by my life if you know me well enough — I’m the type of person that needs something different everyday. I don’t like to be put inside of a box or categorized by a niche. Instead, I like to move the box around and fill it with as many things as I can.

That’s why I consider my blog lifestyle. Style reflects its environment and inspirations in just about every manner, and my life itself tends to be influenced in the same way.

So while I absolutely love everything related to fashion and beauty, I obsess over other aspects of life too, like traveling. If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, then you’ve probably actually read a couple of my travel reviews.

Recently, I took time to look at my life starting with last month and realized that by the time mid-July comes around, I will have traveled to five different states/countries within four months.

That being said, Humps & Pumps will be expanding more into the travel sector, stylishly. I’ll still post about fashion and beauty, but you’ll be seeing more travel-related articles pop up very soon.

Beauty-related finds, locals-inspired looks, hidden gems, must-try dishes/drinks, and vacation-ready look-books are coming your way soon. I hope you all are as excited about this new installment to the blog as I am!

If you’re curious to know where I’m going next weekend, be sure to follow me on Instagram. I’ll be announcing it in my Insta story sometime next week.

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