What to Wear When It's Not Quite Summer Nor Fall

September can be a confusing month for deciding what to wear. It's not quite summer anymore, but not entirely fall yet either.

For those of you who are like me and are whole-heartedly ready for fall, you’ve probably already broke out your booties, leggings, and sweaters, but find yourself sweating a bit because it’s still too warm out.

Those of you who are summer babies are probably clinging to your sundresses and flip flops for dear life.

Fortunately, no matter which side you fall on (pun intended), I have written about a few items that will be a great compromise to wear for this weird in-between time of summer and fall. Keep reading to find out which items you can add to your wardrobe to help dress your best in September.

Open-Toe Booties

I have been dying to break out my booties since the first of August, but it was still way too warm. I got away with wearing my short booties a few times for concerts or festivals, but that was about it. Open-toe booties are the perfect shoe to wear in September because it’s a great in-between. It’s not a sandal, but it’s not entirely a boot either (well it is, but not really). Open-toe booties look great with everything from a sundress to leggings.

I really love these Jeffery Campbell ones from Free People.

Cropped Leather Jacket

If you ask me, you can wear a leather jacket year-round if you style it correctly. Regardless, wearing a lightweight cropped leather jacket in September is perfect. It adds a little bit of warmth, edge, and chicness to any outfit. You can find these pretty much anywhere, and with the time of year that it is right now, you might even be able to get a really cute one on sale.

My mom actually just bought me this Faux Leather Lace Up Jacket (light grey) from Venus and I wore it a few nights ago with a black tank shift dress and black wedges. It looked super cute and was perfect for when it got chilly at night.

Sleeveless Knit/Sweater Dresses

Sweater dresses can keep you really toasty during the fall and winter, but in September, you’ll probably be wanting one that doesn’t make you too warm. Picking a sweater dress—or even a knit dress—that is sleeveless will still give you fall vibes, but will also keep you from sweating like crazy. I’ve already seen a bunch of sweater dresses out in stores, but Windsor always has some really cute ones in stock. I’ve seen sleeveless knit dresses there year-round.

For extra warmth, try picking up a midi length dress! It’ll be perfect to throw on with a leather jacket too!

Cropped Sweaters

Want a little bit of warmth but still stay a tad cool? Try pairing a cropped sweater with high-waisted shorts and some sneakers for a relaxed look. Change out the shorts for skinnies or leggings and you’re good to go for the cooler months too!

I think cropped sweaters are perfect for September. They're soft, trendy, and still let you fall-lovers have your taste of autumn.

I bought this one from Aerie a few months ago (it’s on sale now, of course) and I’m so obsessed with it.

Alright! Those are a few items that should get you by in September! They’re great transition pieces and still look great with summer clothing items as well! If you have any questions or concerns, please email me. I look forward to catching you in my next post!

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