Last-Minute Gifts Under $50 You Can Get on Amazon Before Christmas

There’s five days until Christmas. And you’re still not done shopping for gifts. The traffic is bad. The stores are overwhelmingly crowded. And the thought of even going shopping right now actually makes you cringe.

There’s an answer to your problem: Amazon Prime.

I love Amazon Prime. I’m pretty sure that my household has at least one Amazon delivery a week. My entire family loves it. It’s quick, convenient, and usually less expensive than the stores.

This post isn’t sponsored by Amazon and I don’t get paid if you click on any of these links or buy any of these products. I’m just trying to help everyone out.

Below, I’ve listed a ton of great gifts for you to get for just about anyone. You can get all of these gifts on Amazon Prime and have them delivered in two days. The only thing you have to do is wrap them when they come to your door. It’s amazing.

Just listing a few gifts didn’t seem good enough to me though, so I’ve made sure that all of these gifts are under $50 as well. Now, it’s time to get (online) shopping.


For those of you who have never had the luxury of smelling a Diptyque candle before, make sure you treat yourself and add one to your cart too. These candles are not only incredibly chic, but they smell like heaven too. Personally, I like the Mimosa one, but you really can’t go wrong with any of them. When you finish the candle, the jar makes the cutest DIY makeup brush holder too! If you want to splurge a little and go for the larger version, be prepared to spend about $30 extra, but it’s well worth it.


This one’s for your tech-obsessed friend or family member. It’s perfect for charging laptops, phones, and tablets. By gifting this, you’re also gifting the solution to having a million cords laying around because the dock helps to tuck away cords and cables from being seen (or getting tangled). It’s the gift that keeps on giving.


We all have the jet-setter in our life that always seems to be traveling. If you ask my friends, it’s probably me. However, even if your friend only travels a few times a year, this is the cutest gift to get them. Plus, they even have a super cute marble one! It’s big enough to fit a passport, credit card, and ID inside.


You’ve probably seen these all over the place, and it’s for good reason: they’re super convenient. All you do is stick it to the back of your phone, and immediately you have an easier grip, as well as stand, for your phone (or tablet). They have these all over the place, but I’ve linked these ones because I think these designs are too cute to pass up.


Did someone get a new place? Do they like to travel? Are they from out of town? Try getting them one of these super modern, super chic rocks glasses. I’ve seen different cities like Denver, LA, and Atlanta, but I’m sure they have tons more. I think it’s such a great conversation starter for parties or small gatherings.


I absolutely adore Kate Spade books. In this series, Kate Spade has three books; Occasions, Manners, and Style. Each are incredible books on their own, but in addition to that, they make great coffee table books. I highly recommend these books for sisters, moms, and friends that are always looking to host social gatherings.


This is the perfect gift for the person in your life who loves a good party, club, or music festival. The speakers create a light and water show based on the music being played. The louder the music, the higher the water. The faster the music, the faster the lights and music go. It's really such a fun gift.


This is a gift I've stolen straight off my own wishlist for this year. I'm always wanting to listen to music, but I am prone to cords getting tangled all the time. Since I've been traveling a lot, little earbuds like this would help me not only not have to worry about cords, but be easy to pop in and out during travel. I can listen to my music at baggage claim, in line for boarding, on the get the idea. If your friend commutes to work on the train, I really think they'd love these too.


Not sure what to get the busy workaholic in your life? Try getting them an Amazon Echo Dot. It's basically like Siri for your home. It does everything from playing music to ordering an Uber. And no, I won't judge you if you add one of these to your cart for yourself too.


You're never too old to play games. But sometimes kid games aren't as fun when you're older than 13. However, now there's a grown up version of Go Fish called "Go Fish Yourself" and it's totally hilarious. I've never played before, but after reading some of the sample cards that include weird challenges, funny puns, and absolute nonsense, I feel like I need to gift this to someone I'm going to spend Christmas with so we can all play.

I hope these gifts helped you out! I think these are really unique gifts that everyone will appreciate! Merry Christmas!

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