My 2018 Trend Forecast

As we start to move closer to welcoming the new year, curiosity is likely to strike among us.

Some of us may wonder what the new year has in store for us on a personal level. On a career level. On a financial level. Some of us may wonder about every type of level 2018 is going to affect.

I’m one of those people that wonder about it all. Realistically, most of it I know I can’t forecast. But one part of it I’m pretty sure that I can…fashion.

2018 is going to bring so many different trends to light. Some of them are carrying over from 2017, and some are brand new on the block. Though many trends will come and go throughout 2018, there are seven that I have a feeling will be headlining throughout the entire 12-month span.

Are you ready for them?


The first trend I would like to welcome to 2018 is the classically modern floral print. In late fall, we were introduced to the trend “winter florals” and that was no mistake. Florals are here to stay throughout the whole year. From appliqués on sheer fabrics, to embroidery on our favorite waterfall and trench jackets, you’re going to be seeing a lot of these delicate and romantic flowers blooming all over your favorite items.


2018 is all about remixing prints. Mix-matched patterns are the new prints. Pair florals with pinstripes, plaid with houndstooth, or even your favorite Picasso-inspired fabric with a Gucci logo-print handbag. It’s time to mix it up and live on the edge. Channel your inner artist and reflect it via your outfit.


Remember how red was the color of Fall 2017? Well, now there’s a new hue on the block. Lavender, our favorite shy spring color, will be strutting the streets through all of the seasons this year. If you wear mostly head-to-toe black ensembles, one way to add this pop of color into your wardrobe is by rocking the shade on a chic trench coat. It’s chic and leaves you with only a temporary commitment for the day.


Sexy sheers won’t be fading out of fashion anytime soon, and especially not in the new year. Instead, our traditional sheer fabrics will be lightening up a bit and going for a paler look. Sheer white and buttery nude will be melting your heart this year. Romance is definitely in the air in 2018, so adding in a bit of soft-yet-sexy vibes is exactly what you’ll need to stay on-trend.


Vinyl is a trend that won’t be slipping away from us in 2018. Even though some are finding it difficult to wear on a daily basis, our favorite sexy vinyl fits are only going to gain popularity in the new year. The best way for beginners to start adding vinyl into their wardrobe is by sneaking in a pair of vinyl booties or a sleek trench coat.


All that glitters within the next year won’t always have to be gold. In fact, many of the trends we saw during the past NYFW showed off some of our favorite glistening fabrics in colors such as blue, silver, and pink. Neutral-colored sparkles we often paired with a bold color such as lavender or yellow.


Ladies, have no fear, our favorite high-waisted fit is still here to stay. The only difference that we’re seeing in the high-waisted trend is mostly the fabric. Satins and sequins are appearing more and more in the flattering fit, making it easier to pair with staples such as bodysuits and bralettes. If you’re looking to get ahead of the trend even more, look for high-waisted bottoms with the corset-inspired top.

That’s a wrap on the seven trends I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of in 2018. In my opinion, these looks are going to be striking. I can’t wait to see how everyone puts their own spin on these trends and styles them themselves. The one I’m most interested to see is how people mix and match different patterns for the year.

Be sure to follow me on social media and tag me in the comments if you try any of these trends out in 2018. If you need any inspiration for these 2018 trends, be sure to check out my Pinterest board (you can click here to go to it directly!).

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