Top 9 Affordable False Lashes of 2018

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I had eyelash extensions for over two years. They were my absolute guilty pleasure. I woke up and instantly felt glamorous.

Eyelash extensions sometimes don’t work for a person’s lifestyle or budget—or they just don’t want the commitment—and that’s okay. That’s what false eyelashes are for!

Luckily for you all, I’ve had my fair share with many different false eyelashes. I’ve tried some that I love, some that I hate, and some that fall right in between. Since I know most people don’t like to invest quite as much into makeup and beauty products as I do, I’ve rounded up a collection of my favorite affordable lashes up-to-date.


These lashes are my go-to for day or night. For me, these are more of a “natural” lash. They’re wispy, lightweight, and a little messy (in a good way!). I love these ones because their thin band makes them really easy to apply and the corners never seem to pop up. I’m a big fan of the Eylure brand. This style, and many others, are so pretty and affordable.


When you first look at these in the package, you’ll probably think that they seem uneven. I thought the same thing when I first saw them. The outside corners seemed so much fuller than the rest of the lash. However, once they are on, they look beautiful and consistently full. These lashes are a must-have if you’re trying to achieve a really flirty cat-eye look.

The band is a little thicker on these (it’s part of which makes the lash line look fuller), so if that’s really not your vibe, you might not love these as much as others. The next pair I’m going to mention might suit you better.


When I first saw these lashes, I thought they looked so soft and flawless. They’re extremely full and give the most beautiful cat-eye look. I bought a pair of these for my sister and she’s now completely hooked on them. They’re lightweight and so comfortable. I’m a big fan of Ardell lashes not only because of their styles (you’re going to see so many more from this brand in this post), but because they always seem to fit my eye. I rarely have to cut them to fit—which if you’re a big falsies fan, you know is such a bummer to do.

If you prefer a thinner band, these are a really good alternative to the Eylure No. 121 lashes.


For another day-to-night lash look, I recommend these ones! I actually would recommend any of the Fauxmink lashes by Ardell, but the two mentioned in this post are my favorites. They give your eyes a really natural glam look, and are perfect for special dates and holidays. Personally, I love wearing these in the summer. I don’t know why, but they just look so stunning with tan, glowing skin and a coral-red lip. Since they are longer in the middle of the lash, they open your eyes up more and give a doe-eyed effect.


I’m almost positive these are the lashes I wore in my first ever pageant. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure these are them. Regardless, these lashes are dramatic, but don’t end up looking like a block along your lash line (we’ve all seen that before; not a good look). Since they are wispy, they give off a more natural look and are way easier to blend to your natural lashes.

The Double Up collection has a really thin flexible band, making the lashes easier for beginners to apply too! I’m a big fan of these because I can throw them on easily without eyeliner and be ready to walk out the door.


These lashes are actually what inspired me to do this entire post. I found these at Ulta last week and thought they were absolutely stunning. I was looking at them for a full three minutes in the store. When I went to checkout, the cashier didn't even know they had them. She asked me where I found them because she thought they were as stunning as I did. They are reusable up to 30 times and come in this beautiful silver box—perfect for storing them for future use. I love these lashes because they’re feathery and this particular design helps make your eyes appear bigger and more open. They look beautiful from every angle.

The only possible downfall with these lashes is the lash band. It’s not as thin as most of the lashes I mentioned previously, but having a thicker band makes it easier to reuse them. I say that because when you take the old glue off of the band when you’re reusing them, you have less of a chance of ruining the band or pulling the lashes apart. It basically adds more stability. But if you’re not looking for a reusable lash—just a one time deal type of lash—I recommend some of the others I mentioned.


The Bombshell lashes have all of the same perks that the Diva lashes do that I just mentioned. Both styles are gorgeous. The Bombshell style will give you more of a dramatic and cat-eye look—which I clearly love—while the Diva lashes give you a doe-eyed effect. The lashes on the Bombshell style are definitely longer. They do have another style called Socialite, but I haven’t tried those ones yet.

If you have contacts, I highly recommend the PUR Pro lashes. Personally, they don’t seem to ever irritate my eyes like others rarely, but occasionally do. When you apply these, make sure to let the glue get really tacky before applying—it’ll make a world’s difference especially since these lashes are so full.


If we’re being completely honest here—like always—I only initially bought these because I thought the name of the style was cute. Who doesn’t want to be able to say, “Oh these are the Girl Boss lashes by Tarte,” when someone asks which lashes they’re wearing? It’s too cute. However, I actually really love these lashes. They are extremely dramatic. They’re very long and very full, so they’re definitely best for bold looks (or for closing an important business deal; get it girl!).


(50 PAIRS)

Some of you might be reading this asking yourself why on earth I would want to get 50 pairs of fake eyelashes. There are two answers to this question. The first being that I just really love false eyelashes, clearly. The second is that they were less than $16 on Amazon (with Prime shipping too!) for all 50 pairs. I love a good deal on beauty products.

With these lashes, some of the styles are definitely better than others, but it gives you a variety from natural-ish to extremely full. If you’re a makeup artist, you need to get these. They’re really easy to apply and are lightweight. The only weird thing is that one style in my set is that it has a white lash band—so they look obvious if you try to apply them without eyeliner on the eye. This problem can easily be fixed by using a dark color lash glue, or putting eyeliner on top of the lash band after application. Regardless, as far as affordable lashes go and getting the bang for your buck, this is a really good option. If you do the math, it comes out to roughly $0.32 per set.

Always remember, enhancing your beauty with makeup and lashes doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s all about technique, doing research on products (or letting me do it for you), and being confident. Everyone should be able to look fabulous and have the lashes of their dreams without breaking their budget, so share this with the fellow beauties in your life!

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